I am new to this board. I just wondered if someone can explain what is happening, and it seems to happen a lot. Here is an example from the other evening. I lay on the sofa to read a book, and at the same time the TV is on.

I was looking at the programme on TV and then back to reading my book at exactly that time I read a word the woman in the TV programme said it, and then as I carry on reading I get a line or two down the paragraph and I read two words that she said on the programme again at the same time. The first word was “witness” and then the other two were “first time”.

Can this ability be used to attract things, as in just by sitting and visualising it what I want can it bring it about. I ask here because I know there will be others that can help me see what is happening and how best to use it.

Another example I see on the wall a pattern and it forms the shape of a hat a cowboy hat, now where I live no one really wears them. So that morning I knew in some way someone would appear with that hat on, wish I would of told my brother because then when we were out he bumps into an old friend from years ago, and he has the same hat on.

Any insights and help would be brilliant. Thanks

I always see it like this: when you transcend to very high levels of awareness time becomes a construction, you can slow it down, speed it up, practically stop it (try not to do that it’s not too comfy). In that sense there has to be a level where time is a non-factor, and as such an idea equals manifestation on that plane of consciousness. The synchronicities you’re opening up to are a sign that whatever spiritual work you’ve done is allowing a part of your more evolved consciousness to shine through and communicate with you, hence you are seeing things as they happen or just before they do (because it wouldn’t be much of a synchronicity if that cowboy head showed up a year later right?).

Personally I would embrace it and start to work with it. At the end of the day you’ve found a natural way to transcend things like scrying mirrors or Tarot cards, the downside is of course that you need to learn to aim the thing.

As for attraction, I think you need to consider passive experiences vs active. I’ve had times with absurd synchronicities, I’d think something and people would come up to me in the streets wearing it on their shirt. Getting that to work from a “bucket of money” perspective is where it becomes magick imo. In that sense I feel you’ve got a nice confirmation you’ve levelled up, but it’s no more than that until you learn how to control it. If this is what you’re into try candle magick, it’s perfect for this type of work.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: