So I was thinking of doing a love spell.and before I could a woman from my past showed up and now we are having a great time. Have you ever got results before the ritual?


The only thing I really do ritual for anymore these days is a formal show of gratitude. Of course when I do it I go real elaborate and fancy. Hence the temple

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So my question is this…is it still a good idea to do a ritual for such if a synchronicity occurred that aligns with your conscious desire. never got em before the ritual…but do get spirit floating around before an evocation is even performed…

It’s a pretty common occurrence. It has happened to me. There are different explanations for it, but mine is that I manifested the outcome due to my intent and focus on the spell I was about to do.

Good for you, by the way! Enjoy your lover! :heart: :heart:

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From so much of what I keep experiencing and reading it seems like whatever unconscious psychism we have tends to often be probing the future and hence a lot of our urges seem to be related to binding future probabilities that we want.

If anything this seems to suggest that your subconscious faculties for probing the probability space around you is in good working order.


I’m going to add something else, considering my approach to occultism these days increasingly being framed by a literal take on what’s thought of as functionalism with multiple realizability - is there any possibility that synchronicity is the laughter of the gods? Thinking of most ‘strange’, visionary, or prophetic activities that seem out of one’s control as cascading down from a higher integrated intelligence (perhaps made of thousands of people or more) it’s quite possible that one of that macro-entity’s constituents does something quite novel that amuses that macro entity, that macro entity laughs or fauns with amused adoration, and it’s either the god/goddess in question looking at your life (and thus imprinting a certain kind of unusual organization with their gaze) or it could be a subconscious process for them, like the laughter itself and - by comparison - the neurochemistry of that laughter.

That would maybe raise the notion - if synchronicity is something that can’t be repeated, is it fair to say that the gods/goddesses can’t have a belly laugh on queue and that they have to see something novel, interesting or expectation-breaking in order to genuinely be amused?