Synchronicity and Sigils

Fun fun fun! I made a sigil and tried to keep looking for ways to make money or gain employment writing, so about an hour or so after making my sigil I was looking in forums here and actually found a possible income maker that fits my interests etc… then a poem I wrote earlier in the day I finished due to the fact that this gig would pay for an unpublished poem or article so I submitted this poem today! This all happened after I made dinner. Just feels like the whole day came to a good close, in line with my desires and needs at the same time. This hasn’t happened to me ever so wish me luck with getting a few bucks for said poem! (it could at least buy some groceries.)

I imagine how I’ll feel once I have a check in hand or whatever, so I feel positive this could happen. This week could turn out better and better.

Although I almost decided not to post about it as not to jinx it but I really don’t feel this way so, nah, I’m doing this. lol