So i had a spell done a couple of weeks ago love/binding
And so far i have seen 5 crows this week
People wearing the same clothing as the target
Also someone wearing a football top with the same team as the country his origin is from

Are those all the magick is starting to work?


It’s definitely a sign from your higher self or the gods your higher self is hiring.
It’s probably a sign you are becoming more spiritual and that your higher self has noticed and is replying.

Should be hearing some good news soon fingers crossed

I’m in the exact same situation but it’s been going on for years now , however it did happen to me with a different target before as well and in the end it did happen (also after years ) :joy:

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Was your target stubborn?

No my situation is a bit different, a curse might be there which I’m working on . You should never think your target is stubborn,it blocks the manifestation!

It’s showing you that consciousness is the only reality and that conditions correspond to consciousness.