"Symptoms" from contacting spirits

The last few times I’ve attempted to contact Marquis Amon I’ve gotten unbearably sleepy, one time I even took some acid and started chanting his enn and fell asleep during it, those of you who have taken acid know you can’t really sleep on the stuff. This got me wondering, do you get guys experience and specific symptoms from contact with specific spirits? Does anyone here get tired while contacting Amon?

In the past when I contacted spirits I used to get tired all the time , it takes a toll getting into contact with a spirit and communicating amongst other things . I would also sleep right after rituals in many cases .


That makes sense :blush:, I’ve contacted a few spirits without getting tired, so I thought it may be an effect of Amons presence considering that he controls dreams :sweat_smile:

Yup , it generally happens , nowadays it is rare but I don’t evoke anymore so that’s how it is , if I do evoke it’s very rare and I always feel the side effect of being tired , even if just slightly .

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