Sympathetic magic

Hello everyone and good afternoon, today in the morning I was reading about this kind of magic sympathetic and a great revelation comes to me…you’ll see in my wallet I have the signature of one person(my goal) and for that I read every bad emotion and deception associated or not to the results of my spells go directly to her through that little piece of paper. What do you think, I’m in the correct?

*that piece of paper is for me like an amulet.

Do you mean, is it a valid link to send influence, or does it mean she’ll detect somehow that you’re doing magick?

No, I said that if its possible that when I have a bad day and my head is full of negative thoughts about her like: “this never gonna works” or " I don’t know why I continue trying it", that little piece of paper that I always have I my wallet not intentionally send all that bad stuff like in sympathetic magic…like i said not intentionally?

Sympathetic magic is intentional. If you were to do something negative to the paper that caused a sympathetic reaction to her then that would be sympathetic magic.

Just carrying the name in your wallet won’t do anything without intention behind it. Putting the name of someone who owes you momey would be far closer to sympathetic magic as the wallet would have symbolic reference to the reason that name was kept there.