Symbols to engrave on black mirror

Hello all, I hope you’ve all been safe and healthy with all this crazyness going on.
Just a quick question, is there symbols you can engrave around the frame of your black mirror that will enhance its power for scrying. Thanks to all for your feedback.

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Hmm :thinking: I’ve never even thought about this. Sooo many possibilities. I mean, you could use any number of power enhancing sigils or possibly some symbols for increasing psychic visions and/or divination abilities. (You can do some research to find out what kind)

I think you’re on to something! I’m curious to see what ideas others may suggest.

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Yea I was making the frame for my new one and I just thought there gotta be some symbols or sigils I can add to possibly help with strengthen the connection. I’m hoping someone has some input, but I’m also going to look further into it and see what comes to me.

You can engrave/paint the seals of various spirits associated with clairvoyance, and astrological sign of the moon, on the mirror frame. For example, the Mirror of Lilith in Asenath Mason’s work has multiple symbols drawn on it.