Symbols on a photo

Anyone know what these symbols may be?? I was taking a photo of the beautiful moon and this was unexpected. Is it a reflection of sorts?? I thought it was rather odd I’ve never had this experience


:thinking: reminding me of a rune

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Obvious troll is obvious. @Lady_Eva


the brightest of them is over the building,
the rest are various reflections.

Yes it looks like a rune, since the symbol resembles an odd “2” shape.

Photoshop isn’t likely to be the case here.

Such a Photo is easily taken by shaking the hand a bit or having “misused” the camera,
but it’s extremely difficult to get such results with Photoshop, and takes quite some skill.

Since you’d need understanding of Layors, and of Blending, of light reflextion ratios, etc.

Hard to fake a picture like this with photoshop.

Since the Rune is glowing such brightly over the Building,
It’d be nice to know a bit more about that building.

It seems to hold importance to you,
which was comunicated with that picture.

  • i don’t think this is the rune we see on this picture.

Not exactly sure,
but to me it looks more like the Lagu rune.




Just a shakey hand, doubt any meaning behind it besides your own body.


Hello. I’d say that symbols were somehow created due to the shutter speed setting on your camera plus shakey hands while taking the photo.

Since this was taken during night time, shutter speed is usually low which helped create the symbols. Think of the shutter speed when you have to take a picture of someone who’s doing a marathon. The higher the shutter speed, the sharper the photo would be. The lower the shutter speed, then blurred photos would be taken. I dont think this photo has undergone some editing through Photoshop.

If you’re looking for the specific symbol and its meaning, then I think @Yberion laready answered it.


Thank you.

Though, i feel the answer is incomplete.

Since it does resemble rune shape and is carved from light,
it highly makes sense for me,
that this “accident” during the making of the photo was caused by some spirit to get the result we now look at here.

And if that’s the case,
they’re telling @kentree21 something about this building.

The Rune Discribtion i read,
says it % haves to do witch chances and travel.

Also, the Rune looks like it could be upside down,
or my interpretation could simply be the wrong one,
since i also just quickly went and looked which one might match the shape on the picture.

Either way,
the spirits are telling you that this building is somewhat importent.

Again, more background info on what this building is used for,
might be helpful to further understand the situation.

Though, i do apriciate your trust into my interpretation, @AlexandriaCollins.




If it happens again then I would think about the spiritual meaning to it but since it only happened -(assuming) once then attaching deep meaning to a insanely common fluke of a camera and/or hand shake can lead to delusion.


I don’t know, it looks like reflections to me though, not anything paranormal (sorry OP).


It reminds me flash bouncing off something.

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Kinda reminds me of the swirlys used to see when looking at the sky.

Maybe a camera flash or shaky hand?

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Thanks yall I was just curious. And I’m not a troll! Lol


No, a long exposure at night, combined with holding the camera in your hand, result in photos like these. It’s neat trying to draw patterns with light this way.


I felt n saw spirit interest.
An energy.
Yeah obviously camera handling ( but im just as shite with the camera :wink::camera_flash:).

My senses u picked up when closed eyes n hand over picture:

A face larger than the sky. Watching. An invitation.
And yes Sowilo.