Symbolic dreams help

The few weeks I had some dreams that stand out and wanted to see if you guys could possibly make sense of some of them.

The first, I was trying to convince a demonic woman to let me live, she was gonna behead me. I believe I convinced her only if I would make a pact with her and go through with it.

The second, I was in a room and there were definitely two women laying on a bed and I was talking to one which might have been Naamah but not entirely sure now, I don’t work with her. and the other was talking to another female in the room. I don’t remember what I was saying but a little after there was a black snake in my mouth.

And third, doesn’t seem like it was important but just stands out to me idk why. There were two guys having sex with a girl and I just watched. It wasn’t arousing or anything.

The third seems pretty unrelated but feels connected. Also is possible for male entity’s to come through as female? I can’t hear or see, only feel so asking a spirit about it is pretty useless so I ask here.

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Your visions, the first about being executed by a demon suggest releasing anxiety, and changes are ahead, leaving the past behind, which is formulated by making a bargain with the deity.

The second vision suggests communication or how you express yourself as you see a snake in your mouth you should be cautious of what your saying and how you express yourself to others.

The 3rd vision about watching a three some, you are being passive in your life or are on the sidelines regarding your social life. Are others you know doing activities that you feel left out of? Have you not found your interests or passion yet?

Well I’m definitely not a social person. I am struggling in finding out what I want to do career wise. And when I talk to people about it I’m pretty defensive and not open to talk about it

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