Symbol needs interpreting

Hey, BALG. Long time no see. It’s been a turbulent few years for me, and I walked away from LHP and basically all of my spiritual practice for a long, long time.
Some background; several months ago, I got the zap. You know the one. Straight up the spine, big third eye awakening. I’ve had some fleeting experiences since then, one or two pretty memorable third eye events, but nothing indicative of a full on Kundalini event.
Last night I was lying down listening to an etheric cleanse meditation, like I do pretty much every night before bed. It felt like someone put a cinder block on my forehead, and there was a wavelike vibration running through my entire body. I had to sneeze and it broke my concentration so I turned on a light body activation and started opening chakras. When I got to my crown, there was kind of a flash of light and I saw a few symbols, one of which I’ve drawn. When I look at it, it activates my third eye. It’s been active since I drew it, even though I’m now at work. My third eye is never active at work, so this is a change of pace for me.
Is anyone familiar with this symbol? There’s something special about it.

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It looks like a sun with a triangle inside of it. What do those things mean to you?

The triangle in magic is often used as a manifestation base or as a place to constrain spirits and the sun as an energy source or cosmic power could theoretically be used to empower a triangle so idk.

It could be a how to operation, something symbolic only to you or possibly something else considering pretty much every ancient anything used both the sun and triangles for some sort of symbolism, even if not together.

Idk offhand what they might have been used for in conjunction together, historically.

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The triangle was more pyramid shaped when I saw it, I just butchered the drawing. There might not even be two lines from the top left and right. My first thought was a pyramid when I saw it, but I have the memory of an alzheimers patient.

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Pyramids have been though to be used to channel energy have they not?

I’d have to look into, idk if there’s any science to back up my crazy mothers theory on it- but if pyramids can be used to channel or direct energy and we find one inside of the sun, or surrounded by the sun…

I’d personally be curious about solar powered pyramids lmao. But I honestly have no idea what it could mean to you, sorry.

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No worries! I appreciate the good faith effort! It’s possible that this symbol is meaningless to everyone but me, it’s also possible someone else has seen it before and can lend some insight. When I look at it, it activates my third eye. I should focus on it later and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted if it’s anything profound or meaningful.

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Redrawn without the top left and right lines. Maybe this is correct? It’s hard to remember.

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The pyramid could also easily represent fire.

A magic circle is a circle of space marked out by practitioners of some branches of ritual magic, which they generally believe will contain energy and form a sacred space, or will provide them a form of magical protection, or both.

It could also be the sun for solar energy or all if the above.

The lines could mean something else.

It could be all of this. A very solar fiery energy as a base focused for some purpose.

It could be an eye as well, thus thinking Ra the solar deity corresponding also with pyramids. A little detailing and work and this simple symbol coulx be rechanneled and constructed into something more complex in relation with this.


I like this. This is good feedback. I plan to meditate on this later today and see if it evolves in any way. Otherwise I may work toward constructing something new from this with a more precise intention. Thank you!

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