Sword Banishing bad for Demon magick? And also…

I have two questions regarding Demons, sword banishing and Angels:

I want to incorporate the sword banishing to my daily routine but have been thinking if it could damage my relationship with Demons. Let’s say for example I want to do a ritual with BUER to help me heal the tinnitus on my left ear, will the daily sword banishing keep him away from working on healing my body?

My second question is if I work magick with Demons would this reduce the effectiveness of my Angelic magick rituals? Any answers are greatly appreciated.


No. i work with both demons and angels without issue. Demons won’t adversely effect your angelic work or vice versa.


I would say no, the sword banishing should not effect your relationship to your demon friends. Most banishing rituals deal with elemental and astrological influences. And you can easily work with both angels and demons as long as you ask them if it’s acceptable.
When you banish, set the intention that you are getting rid of harmful energies and not the ones you want to keep around.


Thanks for sharing the knowledge guys.

Magic is in my point of view manipulating your energy to influence the cosmic universe’s energy to get some form of gain.

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I stumbled upon this post and just wanted to say that I have been doing the sword banishing lately, know it by heart now. I don’t like the name but it has become a well preferred banishing technique. It takes like 30 seconds and I find it even more effective than LBRP and way more easy than any banishing that comes to mind.


My preferred go to as well. Alignment over exorcism any day.