Switching paths?

Perhaps the srrangest thing about me is I can’t stick to one path for long.I’m talking about weeks or maybe months before I switch. It’s always been this way since I was a kid.

I try and commit myself to one part but then other entities come to me and my guides from the previous path advise me to move on to the next one. This works out but leaves a lot incomplete but I do always come back to it at a different point

The Norse Gods encouraged me to work with the Kemetic ones and now I seem pushed to the Babylonian/ Sumerian pantheon

So does this happen to anyone else?? I’m trying not to mix paths atm


That happens to me and I sometimes question myself if I’m going off the path that I’m supposed to be on or not. I found meditating on it to be helpful. If that isn’t enough info then I ask Mephistopheles about it. Now I just trust it and go with the flow.


I would rather see it as a test to see if you have the determiniation to stay on one path or if you just are to fidgety.


Light Bringer.

Looking at the sun, how many paths do you see?

One Family


Looking at it that way there are two paths.

One to the sun and one beyond the sun.

Knowing the Source of the uni verse.


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Of course I know who the source is.

Im not intressted in being trapped in this universe as my work leads beyond.

Aye, same. I don’t really question it or think of it as a bad thing. If entities are on your side, they’re not going to be mad at you for switching up. Stasis is the enemy; moving forward and growing is the goal.

@KnowingtheSource hope you can contribute some of your own knowledge to OP. Please keep this thread on-topic to the OP’s question; thanks. :+1: :slight_smile:


From what I’ve learned over the last few months, all things emanate from the void and to the void they return.

They usually encourage me to change over. Like Set and Aset encouraged me to listen to Tiamats call. It only becomes an issue if I take on more than I can chew like when I did Runes, basic Hermetics and pathwalked with Nyx all at the same time. Then I needed to stop lol.

But yeah stasis is boring

Well, let’s see here from personal experience:

  1. 2013-2014 Two invites to the Toronto Golden Dawn temple, each time I went for an initiation, I got into an accident that took forever for the RMP to arrive to say “no worries”, or got utterly lost somehow.
  2. In correspondence mail lessons for both Builders of the Adytum and Fraternity of the Hidden Light in 2014-2015, stopped because money coming in stopped.
  3. OAA 2015-2018 as well as Qlippothic path stopped due to a deliverance.
  4. Picked back up on path and pursuing Celtic gods and goddesses and magic through them.

So a different reason each time but the same, a test no matter whom. I will still be tested on the Celtic path, Im sure.

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Understanding the heart of the infinite Source there’s spiritual rest.

:v: sabbath

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Your “path” is whatever you decide it is.

If a spirit comes along and says, “Hey, I think you should work with the Purple People Eater now,” It is your choice as to whether or not to do so. You decide when to move on, and if you even want to. When the Lwa came to me, for example, I told them I had work with the angels to complete first, before jumping into their teachings. They understood, and accepted that.


I like your way of thinking personally I do go to the next entity or path and come back later. Actually it gives me more unique ways at looking at life and this has been giving good results.


Especially in the 2000s I used to switch (when not mixing) a lot: magick, now let’s be a Pythagorean, what about Kabbalah? And yoga is not bad either. Perhaps one approach may be to try a path for a week or month…

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I do this, I just chalk it up to personality, it’s not a problem for me and there can be advantages.

So instead of doing something in a linear path, I “spiral” around subjects is a more organic way. It feels natural and unforced.

The advantage is that there’s usually some overlap and transfer of skills between the currents, one informs the others, and you can complete an entire level is a broad sense, and see the interconnections that give you more knowledge on all of them… then on the next pass you go deeper into the subjects and do that again.

The linear way, you wouldn’t find these connections for years, and may not remember all the details to make them anyway.

So it works for me :slight_smile:


Naturally I see this as an individual thing, and of course you’re not alone. I know you read enough of my stuff to know I don’t follow a real singular or linear path and I am doing pretty with myself at the moment.

In a lot of ways, the spiritual path can be compared to life somewhat generically. For example I like to say we are a bit more well rounded and likely to develop ourselves into powerful magicians if we remember that not only ourselves but spirits as well are not limited to any given power, energy or thought process. Like a neurosurgeon, a neurosurgeon has to know all the ways to not kill a patient in order to successfully alleviate hemorrhaging in the cranium. This knowledge can intentionally or perhaps once in a while accidentally, can be inverted. Once inverted knowing how to not kill a patient, can very easily become many ways to kill a patient.

I know you’ve heard me speak on that part. I can continue the thread and go on a closer comparison between the magical path and life, and relate it to the career path.

The neurosurgeon from the above example, naturally should have more in depth knowledge of the nervous and circulatory systems with the body, brain operation and of course many related things. This specialized training in certain moments adds extra value to the neurosurgeon for being what he is. He can charge more for a consultation than a family practice physician can. Often he can demand better hours, fewer on call hours, wages and so on as his practice becomes established and he gains footing, leverage and control.

There are of course negatives, but I’m not going to get into that, because I want to try to stay on topic with my comparison at minimum.

The family practice physician, is not necessarily less skilled. In fact, in some ways if you consider the broad variety of illnesses, the vast sea of knowledge, the quantity of patients seen in comparison, the interpersonal skills needed to deal with a broader patient base and all of the other factors- well.

The neurosurgeon may be amazing within his specialized field, but he’s not in as high of a demand during economically rough periods, the factors which determine whether or not he has patients are largely out of his control and well often, even though one may master a singular skill that does not mean that they retain or use or become skilled at using any knowledge related to the broader scope/ Plus we aren’t even talking about natural talent or how that would factor into any of these scenarios.

If you lost me, sorry. I don’t think there is a one size fit’s all shoe. There are pros and cons to all decisions in life, and I totally understand seeking confirmation, feeling like you’re flitting around too much despite really wanting to dig in with a specific (even if unknown which to choose yet) path and develop the deeper things we see others doing, yet feeling pulled so hard in a different direction, that it’s clear now is not the time to dig but rather to collect.

I personally have done a lot of experimenting, reading, feeling out, developing, testing, playing around with, and generically flitting all over the damned place, in and out of more pantheons in short amounts of time than is conceivable as being possible, effective or even healthy.

We are both aware of the dangers of loosing oneself, the importance of protection, spiritual hygiene and even grounding, so I won’t mention that those things are real important to those of us who you probably call pantsers. If there isn’t a term that means this for doing the same thing with your life/magical path- there should be. (if there is tell me what the damned word is, so I can learn it and use it please)

I will say that while it’s not innately better or worse to be devoted to a singular path to the point of mastery instead of learning many skills, both can bad- if you’re devoted to a singular path and never try anything else, you may find yourself an underdeveloped individual, lacking a skill later you would have learned from another path, or reaching a point of complacency or stasis or these people may even miss their true calling. All the while, those of us who fly by the seat of our pants run the risk of missing deeper developmental opportunities, may never learn what we are truly capable of if we only applied ourselves, may not gather enough information to develop an accurate perception and have a tendency to neglect baser, simpler, beginner, common knowledge type information and practices due to over self confidence that has developed as we have successfully navigated ourselves at the speed of light through the cosmos.

Tldr: Trust your gut. Duh.


I do :slight_smile: I will note that paths do intersect at some point so you may find yourself mixing something you learned from on path into another without realizing it.

For example a common denominator in Draconian magick, Nordic magick and and Traditional Witchcraft is Trance possession. In fact, many paths share this in common and their practices intersect there.

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I have heard from somewhere that It’s normal to change paths but do it in your own choice and not by the influence of anyone or any spirit.
Also if you have incomplete stuff then maybe you could tell them about it so that you get more time to finish it.
As @Keteriya said trust your gut.


Exactly how it feels for me too!

I can relate to this XD

I love this! Along with your doctor examples. For some people the single path approach works and for the people like me well I enjoy exploring other paths

This resonates a lot too. Ive done this since the time I was a teen I think

The thing is I quickly decide to move onto the next thing then come back to it. Most of the time the spirits don’t get angry about it


Well I don’t know what to say to that but I personally think that’s okay too especially if it’s something you want but if you feel like this is not what you want then maybe take a break and then try to fix this issue. The answer could be right in front of you just look within yourself and you’ll find it. I’m sorry if I wasn’t that much of help.

Or maybe you could add some of the stuff you learned from the other spirits to your pervious work Cause maybe that could the reason of why you keep changing the paths maybe they’re trying to teach you something from this. I don’t know so take this advice with a grain of salt.

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