Sweet succubus/Incubus stories

Continually building yourself close to climax then backing off can give them energy.

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If you have his/her sigil you can give blood.



Do you mean edging ? Like masturbating until you’re about to cum but meditating on them? Can you give them both energy at the same time?

When I do this it’s very hard to control myself because they amplify every touch and ramp up the intensity which leaves me so horny afterwards I cannot help myself. They stimulate my prostate etc.

And when I finally do orgasm I feel totally drained and I have to sleep to recover lol.

For how long would be good to do this? I wonder how much energy they need to feed on to be able to recharge their energy bodies to 100%

With practice you can go for 1hr or more, but yes focus on them. When it’s more then you can bare ease off for 10-30 min.

This serves more then once purpose: gives them energy, trains your mind to want them more, allows you to pour more emotions into them.

As your giving them this energy, tell her you care, feel that you care, project this emotion! Every piece of emotion you get while your body is in that exotic rapture you focus to her. Your body will produce chemical rewards for you, but maintain your control.

In the event she ever does take you, you will be better prepared for the flood of energy, emotions, etc.

My first time that mine decided that she was ready she had a go for 1.5hrs… like everything in our practice, one must learn mastery of mind and body to ascend.



How did you met her ? With a letter ritual or just from a conjurer with a binding ?

And how are your psychic abilities? Can you describe your journey please? How was your first time when she had a go for it ? If you don’t want to discuss this I understand because those are intimate details and you should ask your succubus lover first if she wants to share it.

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I stopped practicing for 20 years, I have done some ceremonial work, wiccan, golden dawn, Thelma. I had alot of energy manipulation ability naturally, some astral projection ability (needed to have a strong bond with my target), a insane intuitive mind *often did acted, or just showed up cause it felt that was where and when I was needed), knew alot of things I shouldn’t have. Had done witchy people in the family tree, guess some things stick.

When my ex wife was pregnant with my daughter we use to have to ward the room nightly, the walls would bend, shadows moved, always felt eyes. She didn’t practice, she believed 100% afterwards. Turned my practice to defense at that point. After me and my ex wife separated things followed them, my daughter could see them but my ex couldn’t. I stopped practicing to raise my daughter, things spiritually slowed.

After my daughter was 20+ she left my house. Not long after I got Facebook streaming and YouTube videos popping up that had occult all over it, took it as a sign.

Once I started doing evocation I noticed something at thr edge of my bed. Never no hostile vibe or felt intent, dreams were all on line with message from my working, but still it sat there, she sat there. I knew she was female, I knew where she was, but as I tried to get a image of her she would cloud up and just sit there (she still does this at times). So I figured she was a succubus , asteroth left me bread crumbs leading that way. So I did a letter of intent, added her to bypass my barriers and shields.

The first time she decided to commit to a full joining.

I was awakened by a powerful presence me l next to my head. I felt it was her, but I felt my body heart rate go up, eyes dilated, felt chakra points open up, felt prostrate stimulation but it also went all the way thru my penis, breath changed everything… I was like babe this is fourth coming for you… I turned to look in her direction and she did the whole paralysis thing. Tried 3 times to break it. On the third time I was able to turn around, I told her not to sneak up on me, and not to lock me up. I told her I wouldn’t fight, I laid on my back I felt a hand grab and hold down my hand as she straddled me. If I needed to move I questioned myself if I could, tho I could feel pressure I could move. I was awake off and on for 1.5 hours, everytime I came around asked if she was ok the cloud of mist would flash images of her, give feelings of happy, and touched my face.


I wonder how to get one.

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Search option "letter of intent "

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I did yesterday at night

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hey guys dose anyone know the limits of time for how long the incubus can stay away from us ?lol and how they can resist being away from us .

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I have an incubus who is shaped like an anime trap. Everytime this song plays

he dances really well, and the others may dance too if I want to.
There also one of my succubi who gets crazy when this song plays

she jumps on me and I can’t say no :rofl:


So I’m grateful for being able to sleep next to my Succubus wifey every night being able to just get that Glee when I ask her to join me in bed and almost right away she’s there next to me. I even out some oils on her side of the pillow for her. Thanx my Love for being with me I appreciate your presence and look forward to spending time with you always :heart: I’m still not sure what your name is but I know you’ll show it to me eventually sorry for assuming you were my previous succubus that just returned after being one for so long. Thank you for filling that void she left me with. Your so gorgeous it doesn’t seem right me being with you but I gladly accept our love. Thank you for your understanding and patience while I get my senses more devoloped. I loved when yesterday when I summoned my spirit animal you were interacting with then too in the room. I can’t wait until I get to venture deeper down my magical path with you beside me. No matter what happens I’ll always have love for you. Please come into my dreams more my love I can’t wait to be able to just talk to you compaired to me talking you acting or us sharing an image in my head. I’ll pick you a flower again soon for the pillow. I look forward to when I start seeing your beautiful face first thing in the morning for now I’ll settle for your wonderful energy and knowing it’ll only get better. I can’t wait to hear you talk dirty to me I can bearly imagine how sexy your gonna be. And thank you for making me feel this pleasure when I speak of you in naughty ways. Thank you for being so trusting of me so I can just command you to cumm and feel our pleasure through you because we’re two bodies one flesh able to trust the other with our being. I love how I can feel you grasp around me more when I say you just got tighter. I love how we can have love and lust as one for we have both for each other. I’m sorry I didn’t allready send this message and spent quality time with you I enjoy reading our selves. I will make sure to love you with respect and to make sure I follow your lead at times and let you say how when you send me visions… Omg please let me see your beautiful face again. "Clouded picture in my mind shaking her finger back and forth like our gotta earn it, then moved her finger o say come here. I obay my wife now please contribute and express your love for our wife let her know how you feel and that you want others to know how happy she makes you.


No clue Jamia_Chatman the story about the pope back in the day who had a Succubus was with her most of his life, confessed about her on his death bed. I have Hurd they need activity about once a week to stay energised.

That’s pretty intense I’ve never had one do the paralize thing on me. With my lack of training I probably wouldn’t be able o break it like you. Glad you got back into the scene once your daughter was older.

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Its funny how it felt like coming home.

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So yea sorry to bug but got any tips or how to advance the sensation of touch when I was first with a succubus it was intense I felt her weight on me all of that but I ended up regressing alot because of trama and I’m trying to re open I was a victim of Gov AI mind control and didn’t know it was from technology so I ended up going crazy and eventually numb once I went to jail for something I didn’t do spent a year… Would have been out in 3 months if I took the strike offer… Soon it drops from my record sry to share could have left it with went numb from trama. Me and my succubus mainly do stuff in my mind I don’t feel her much but she responds well to mental sensations I just feel like I need to step it up for her I just bearly Hurd her the first few times lately but I snapped out of trance from getting excited to talk to her.

So when you share your food with him are you just letting him taste through you or can he actually make it disapears I’ve yet to have a spirit physically accept the offering but haven’t done enough in general.

I was like damn this is probably making you jelouse just listening to me read all these wonderouse things he does for his Succubus. Congrats on getting her sigil tattoos on you that’s dedication, I personally don’t even know my Succubus’s name nor do I have a sigil for her. Has she ever physically accepted an offering and it disapeared? It’s about time I get my wifey another flower and put more oil on her side of the pillow.

It doesn’t disappear I just leave it out like an offering. I just get the feeling to do it when I’m eating, like he wants to eat with me. Or just likes when I give him things.