Sweet succubus/Incubus stories

It’s because they fall under extremely emotional beings from what I’ve known to learn about them working with a couple of my ladies with Lilith. After I had completed my sex magic path when I first started out I thanked each and every one of them in the most sweet/kind way you can think of. No one wanted to leave my side (besides “N”) who is the most strict in my group after the work to my success was finished so I gave them the opportunity to leave their energy contact behind near my Lilith altar where I have each of their sigils neatly placed whenever I can to simply contact one of them. The bond between a succubus/incubus and their human is something that is a large key as the relationship between the two can get so deep. As the time passes by if they end up falling for us they can get extremely attached to us on such an emotional level and will protect us with just about anything they see negative to cause any harm that includes any malicious parasites.

They are excellent protectors in this field along with protecting family members and even family pets. These entities are truly astonishing at what they can bring to a magicians table. It’s good to see other members out there that know the hidden aspects of these wonderful beings other than the cliche nonsense that gets thrown around at them. No matter what though in the end there will always be your fair share of bad apples out there. There are many out there that have far far different intentions than what I described above but again there are also many that only want to keep us company and aid us in our every day lives. Speaking to mother Lilith herself either by letter or by summon is the best way to find an excellent entity that has come along with good Intentions upon the magician.

As another example back on topic I have asked “A” to possess me (an entity I deeply have trust in) for experimental purposes, no matter what she simply refuses to do so every time as she puts it that breakes the boundries that she has with me and is nowhere near necessary. Even though I have stated its perfectly fine she will always heavily refuse. Any other unkown succubus entity out there would happily taken over my body and possibly cause harm for all the wrong terrible reasons. It’s because she loves me for who I am as a person in general that got to know every little tiny thing that made her an amazing woman with a killer personality that’s addicting and vice versa.

Thanked Lilith herself for blessing me with a wonderful daughter of her’s that’s been supporting me in such hard times when I had Covid last year and fought it off all while losing my fuckin job due to this shitty panedemic. Thank goodness all that is nothing but the past in recent good times now. She can’t go out of her way to do such things that has to do anything with possession. It seems that alone breakes her heart even thinking about it.
She’s one of the few in my group that has grown extremely attached with me on emotional states. Just the many reasons why I consider her my demonic guider in this current life of mine other than being an excellent teacher in the chakra energy work field. She’s has given me such knowledgeable advice that no one as given me in a long while. One my four best friends all live in their own separate cities in different locations so having peeps around that make sense with ones life lessons is a relief.

I started out with food offerings when I was a novice at my Clairsentience abilities a couple years back. At first they used to ask if they can taste what I was tasting or eating in the case but as the time went on it only surpassed from there. As of recent time they are free to eat whatever I’m eating as I call it they simply exchange energy within my body and theirs together to tase everything all at once. So yes fronting is a great way of putting it. They honestly enjoy whatever I may be eating. From whatever snack to drink or the good stuff as in a good well made burger, pizza, etc…all that tasty junk food, lol. They don’t mind healthy foods either, such as grilled salmon, any sort of rice and vegetables, protein shakes (the good tasting ones) and even encourage me eating healthy every now and then.


I really enjoyed reading your story. Ubis are misunderstood and demonized entities. Once you get rid of the initial prejudices they become wonderful familiars with a great capacity to protect. The bonds they form with their mages are very deep.

Interestingly, many of them appear in our most difficult moments. They are very empathetic and intelligent.

For some reason they love that kind of food. In my case it’s the same, and I usually eat healthy.
I have a theory, that they suffer from something called “hedonic hunger”, and that is that they need very stimulating foods to feel more alive. In part, they can discover the material world thanks to us.


I once had an occasion where I was seemingly being jostled around by something with rather harsh energies in my sleep.

(I believe this was related to Gamaliel somehow).

I didn’t really feel like fighting it and somewhat reflexively grabbed my Lilith pendant I wear constantly.

I don’t remember exactly what I said but I asked for a sweet succubus to be sent to keep me outta trouble for the rest of the night or something (and to get rid of whatever I was currently dealing with).

Suddenly, everything became very calm and peaceful and I seem to remember feeling and/or seeing some kind of light above me and descending kinda like seeing the light from the sun while being deep underwater.

I don’t remember the words, but she was singing a beautiful sort of siren song to me…

Something along the lines of “you are so beautiful” and such like, while I felt so loved, secure, and calm.

I may have been caressed lovingly, I don’t properly remember (pretty sure I was)

At some point it seemed like it was going to escalate a bit from there and I got nervous saying I wasn’t ready.

She said something, and then I started to feel all this rumbling like a gravitational vortex or whatever in my stomach/core and seemed to see a black mist.

At which point I woke up.


May I ask if you are following the path of the Qliphoth Tree? Are your succubi helping you in the process?

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I don’t have any (that…I’m aware of…)

I’ve had “visitors” a couple times such as in the instance I described.

Indeed. They can offer energetic healings aswell. Anytime during a matter of distress it’s almost as if she places a warm blanket over me but it’s actually her own energy colliding with mine on top/around bringing me a sense of calm. There’s been various times where I would get slightly stressed due to regular life doings such as work, bills, pain in the ass being stuck in CA’s freeway traffic on a monday morning (eessh) etc…whatever that may stress us as humans living our every days lifes she always seems to wrap around her energy to bring me down back to where I need to be. It’s one of the many reasons why these entities make excellent meditation partners due to how well the two can focus within each other and bring the calmness all the way down which aids in getting the right mindset. The amount of what they can bring upon spiritual healing terms is something that has always intrigued me.

As with any powerful being, Intelligency plays another large role onto just how eerie intelligent they make out to be. I would never want to get on the bad side of them. They can be such loving entities but destructive in their own way. I don’t think most who come into contact with these beings only for the sex (manly new comers without much of the known knowledge I should say) know and underestimate just how powerful they can be if unnecessarily miss treated. I always say it has to be clear of what intentions you have coming into contact with them speaking to Lilith herself. Just to find the right match without any unwanted things.

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Who knows, you might have one :wink: although they tend to get noticed.

It strikes me that almost all developed ubi have this tendency. I don’t know if it will happen to other LHPs, but at the beginning my ubi was much more feral and rougher, also it communicated worse. Now he reached an incredible level of development. With understanding and affection they grow exponentially. I’m glad I trusted him.

That’s the reason why I always think that the idea of “creating a sexual harem of ubi” is totally counterproductive. They are so much more than a sexual partner, if they feel used, prepare for the worst. On the other hand, if you treat them well, they are like well developed familiars.


Yeah. This is not the first time I’ve seen BALG members express the fact that when coming into first contact with them they almost have an aggressive first approach towards the magician. It’s nothing too crazy depending on the entity but it’s quite noticeable from the start but then reaches an understanding in between. I have noticed with every lady of mine that each of of their energy signatures has calmed down once I reached an understanding with them. By far the most difficult one to work with was lady “N” she was a very difficult entity to work at first being strict all while having a rough sense of dark energy. She would give me some pretty rough dreams every now and then and would even give me major sleep paralysis at times but the one thing I always noticed from her specifically she would never conduct any unnescessary sexual situations without me telling her. So she would still respect my boundaries but at times I really thought she was a bit too dark for my own sense.

At the same time though I recall perfectly that this what I had asked Lilith for. A very perfect and dominant excellent teacher for my sex magic works. She stayed around me for a couple years after starting my very early journey of sex magic years ago back in 2015 then came back to it fully in 2018 that I wouldn’t finish until late 2020 with the assistance of Lilith. Long story short “N” greatly appreciated just how well of a student I was with her. I would always listen to every little single detail she would tell me during my own works with her. How to properly banish unwanted malicious parasities, BALG further helped me on this aswell. The techniques of reaching an intense trance to where the human body experiences an OBE, etc…

I recall once I heard an unkown language that might of possibly been something from the demonic through me during one time in my altar meditative space (an old one from before) I knew I had to stop there as I wasn’t ready for such teachings (to where she gave me no damn excuses) but then expressed again when your ready, your ready. I did proceeded once I was ready a long while after. It ended being possessed from there (again coming at this point you must fully trust the being themselves and prepare) It was almost the exact opposite to what Hollywood ridiculously portrays in the films. About the whole time it lasted I remained calm throughout the whole process and the meditation from that night was pretty intense in a good way as I remember my charkras were getting ridiculously stimulated. After that moment her attitude changed but still remained strict. She admired just how well I worked with her no matter how difficult she was at first. Turns out she was only testing me how far I would go with her. I’ll always be thankful of her time with me when she was helping to further my clairsentience abilities.

She gained a large trusting bond after those times and again when we had a very erotic time together one night to say the least. She’s another that has grown so well with me and is always the strict one but as I mentioned before she still has a sweet spot in her but likes to hide it most of the time. Her dark feel-like energy drastically lowers anytime I called her upon just to talk, ask for advice or even some assistance in my meditations to where she happily agreed. It’s unfortunate that she hardly has the time these days to visit since she’s one of the few I’ve come across that has their own busy lifes in their realm. So I don’t disturb her most of time out of her respects. It’s just one of the many examples of how well these entites can grow with us. It’s not an easy thing at first as these ladies/gentlemen have very unique personalities that makes them all different to work with. Really depends just what personality that may have which varies upon them.

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My succubus likes 90s R&B love songs, like Prince & Janet Jackson!! I play them just before ritual and I can feel her approval!!


yo fr

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HollyWeird slanders them so bad!!

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