Sweating in ritual?

Hello, over the last month or so I’ve been doing a couple daily rituals. Recently during one of them I’ve been experiencing a “hotness” wash over me, causing a light coat of sweat on my body and especially my face. You know how when you’ve had a fever you typically get a hot flash of sorts? Kinda feels like that except without a sickly feeling, the usual tingles are there too. The ritual where this happens is called the Middle Pillar of Goetia, which is basically a tweaked version of the Middle Pillar replacing the names of power with infernal dieties. The names (in order) are Satanas, Moloch, Belphegor, Lilith, and Nahemah. The other serves as a means to presence Qlippothic energies in my sacred space.

I’ve never evoked a spirit, done sigil magick, or any kind of serious magical working but I have been on the path of self actual ist ion and improving my meditation and energy work for about a year and a half now. Not really bothered by this or anything but was curious to see if anyone has any input about it.


It’s caused by the invoking of energies.


It has happened to me several times, and I do know what causes a lot of my sweats. I do have a lot of candles burning n it’s summer time. In addition, I burn a lot of different incenses. I have to to keep my windows open so the smells do not bother anyone else in the house hold. There by letting in the heat n humidity. It might be why I’m sweating. I do my rituals at midnight or 3 am.
I wished that I could go outside but lol I’m too afraid of stepping on a copperhead a poisonous snake :snake:. Especially since I live in Missouri, USA. I live near the metro St. Louis region. Down in southern Missouri though, they have pigmy rattle snakes. I’m happy I do not live down south of here.
I guess it depends where you live at n if your burning a lot of candles or incenses? Also may I ask, are you drinking whiskey or some other type of booze which can make you feel warm? Plz don’t take no offense. I sometimes drink several glasses of wine during my rituals.
You may want to try using a fan n turning it on low. Also drink lots of water before, during, n after your ritual. Maybe a shower afterwards. It’s what I have to do to cool down. It might help you too. They are suggestions only. I’m just trying to help.
Dark Blessings

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It means it’s working.


When I do Magick I sweat like a pig. It’s a sure sign of success. Sometimes I need a shower afterwards, but always a general wash and clean up.