Swamp Magic

I love the local swamps around my area. As you can tell by my name. I visit them often. And i know I see sprites and will o wisps. Though, I admit I havent done magic there. I like to go there and relax it feels like its own universe. Like you have gone back in time.

I have some time before i start my new classes so I thought it would be nice to visit these places and leave offerings. I left honey and rolls this morning close to my home but I want to be outside submerged in all of it. The smell, the atmosphere, the mystery. And the spirits if they choose to come close. I think most people dont like swamps, with gators and snakes and all but Im right at home.

I thought I could do this stuff during the day at least some days and work on magic to help with my studies at night.

I will post any interesting things that happen. I might make some friends.


What spirits do you offer blood too? Do they all want a blood offering ? Should i when i evoke Marbas?


I don’t always offer blood. Some do, some don’t. I wouldn’t worry about it so much with healing entities. Some don’t see the sense in harming yourself just to ask for healing.


I was planning on working with marbas for my medical studies though. Would that make a difference?


I couldn’t say. Shouldn’t hurt. You may want to hit up King Paimon, too.


Ok. I will give it a try!

What does Paimon help with?


Look him up here and with google. It should make sense.


Here save you some time. It’s raining and I’m bored so you’re in luck.


Oh yes the magnifying glass. :mag_right: move over Shelock Holmes theres a new detective in town :female_detective:


Did some research on will o whisps and found some interesting tid bits. I really want to see them or one at least.

I think there is much to learn about them in both the folklore and the scientific sides.


I found this article very interesting.

My grandma used to see these regularly on our land. Never knew there was a name for them so this was an interesting read. Appreciated! Also I think the idea of doing magick in a swamp is cool as shit and look forward to hearing of your exploits :slight_smile: salutations!

Also beautiful picture! Did you take it yourself?


That was a friends. But hopefully, i will be out there saturday and sunday so i should get some great pictures to share.

I think i will try a few simple magic things while i there and try some meditating.

Thanks! I havent found much on here about magick in swampy areas so hopefully i add a little spice.

My mom used to talk about my grandpa seeing them when he would be out late at night.


From what I’ve seen of the backdrop already I don’t think you will have any trouble getting some great shots. Again, look forward to seeing :slight_smile:

Always the best way to start haha!

Also is funny that you say about your grandpa would see them at night too, my grandma wasn’t sure what they were but she did believe in fairies and was aware of wandering spirits and such that wandered the trees.

Cool stuff and like I say, never knew there was an actual name for them so I appreciate the thread!:slight_smile:

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Have you thought of mentally noting In daylight where the lights seem to be then in daylight going around there safely and leaving an offering saying something like ____ you are welcome here I offer you ____ this____and make this request that you harm none on this land we both reside on and harm none of mine not harm me or my family. Something like that.

Since the stories say they’re malevolent it might be wise to make a peace offering near where you see them (not right there since the tales say they often hover over quicksand and quick mud then go beyond trying to lure the unwary to their deaths in the quick sand/mud).

Since it’s swamp I’d recommend wearing a life jacket if you do try a peace offering (I’m aware life vests aren’t the best things to wear in alligator territory since they slow down your swimming speed, but I think according to the legends willow the wisps are the greater danger so recommend taking precautions to avoid drowning in willow the wisp traps).


Oh man! You have some wonderful suggestions! I think that might be a good idea to leave offerings. It certainly wouldnt hurt.

There are gators here but ive never had any trouble from them. Usually just leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Of course there can always be that ornery one.

Ive stomped around the swamps alot, but not really with an intent to connect with anything so these are good ideas.


Just watch out for escaped boas and anacondas :slight_smile: while gators may not wanna munch ya generally boas and other snakes if they’re big enough, might since they swallow prey whole. Other then that be careful treat the willow respectfully and dont follow them at night. If they’re not malevolent respect is a good way to avoid makin an enemies of them and if they are well the precautions like not following them at night should be sufficient for you to stay to stay safe.


Will do! Thanks!

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So i went out to the swamp today!

I didnt get as far as i would have liked. I was getting into a sinking area and i didnt have as much time as i would have liked.

I did sit quietly and meditate for a while. There were birds singing all, and an owl of in the distance.

I could also here some small creatures stirring in the brush, probably squirrels or something close.

I thought caught a glimpse of a spirit around one th trees i was photographing.

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But this is my favorite picture of the day!

It feels so magical like i can just picture sprites, fairies playing around and in it. :man_fairy: :woman_fairy:

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