Swami Ramalingam and his golden deathless light body

can anyone explain what did swami ramalingam master?in terms of say astral,etheric,causal bodies etc…

[url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramalinga_Swamigal#Supposed_Physical_transformation]Ramalinga Swamigal - Wikipedia

His bio and see if his energies can be felt through the photos:


The technique to attain the deathless golden light body:



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merkaba in etheric body

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Hey @anon84896414 could u eLaborate a little more on this p,z

Some time ago I found this topic (or another one about Ramalingam), and I visit that website as well… Even though the question is “old” it may be said that such a transformation would imply mastery over all the bodies (and possibly the ability to travel on any plane).

Merkaba is the light body. You can turn our entire etheric body into pure light. That is one method of ascension.

Some kundalini techniques need visualising Golden energy in the chakras and auric bodies. He materialised it

This is a process of inner alchemy who lead to the Body of Light of Great Transference like in the Dzogchen, it is the true state of divinity ( all other are lower even the Rainbow Body is not as high as this one). The light body that remains is not a person or individual as we know it. It is a state of limitless God Light completely free from the previous humanity structures…
Regarding the practice this very similar to Dzogchen, Inner / outer Alchemy or Kundalini Siddha Yoga/Tummo.

i thought rainbow body was the highest.

Light body, golden light body, diamond body, then rainbow body