Suspected Presence of Sargatanas?

It is from this forum itself I got to know about Sargatanas. So I tried to summon his valuable presence by listening and chanting( in my mind) enn. I was lying on my back.

When I first heard the enn, my heart rate went up and all my muscles became tense. I tried to calm myself somehow and continued with the chanting. After a few minutes I started feeling sleepy which was very odd as I dont sleep at morning times. I countinued chanting ignoring my sleepy head. I develooed a headache after that.

In the afternoon, again I chanted the enn while listening to it, keeping a strong desire to get his presence in mind. Again I felt sleepy and this time I submitted to my sleep where I saw a erotic dream. I also feel a strange (in the sense that I dont feel it usually) in my room.

Could anyone kindly tell me weather Ibwas successful, partially or fully, in getting the presence of the kighty Sargatanas?

Was my tachycardia, headache, sleepiness and the dream I saw a message from his consenting or declining my request to have his presence?

What modifications should I be doing to get the invocation right?

Thank you !:blush::handshake:

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Thank you for the reply!
Actually after chanting the enn for nearly 7 mins and then feeling heavily sleepy, I did asked him for a favour even though I didnt saw or heard anything but felt this strange aura.
I am actually planning to do a proper invocation at night- meditating and doing breathing exercises before chanting enn. There after requesting him for a favour and then asking for forgiveness if I was wrong anywhere!


Also how can I do a LBRP so as to clear the energy?

Do forgive me for asking a lot of things. I am a total “infant” to this world of speels, demons, invocations!


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Yeah sure…but since you have already put your request forth, no need to summon again.

Watch this for LBRP

And no worries.

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