SURPRISE- I am fkng Crossed!

Always looking for answers and questions I stumbled upon an article explaining “being Crossed” and of course offering remedy. It is not a brief article and gets pretty intricate, and truthfully, I have little doubt the self imposed brainwashing of Mormonism has left a lot of 'Engrams" and Crossings which will take a great deal of time to find and then determine if they must go or be reoriented and brought under my control to be tools used by me for My Will, and not tool from unknown sources to reduce me to their tools.
I have to say, as the article state, often crossing are used by higher forces to see if you have the Internal Steel and mental endurance to achieve that goal which you set out upon- I recall the flick Circle of Iron.
hellz, if there was only a mini disk I could stick in my ear and do a crossing scan, with a readout of what to do, delete, quarantine till later need- send back to the source with a note saying- now enjoy this monkey on you back!
I would love EA or anyones opinion on crossings, because it is clear I am under Combat but I know as I keep my head down in my fighting position- eventually I will be able to jump out and haul ass up the hill, but much like Padme Sambhava- I would rather 'convert them my purposes and plans rather than run them off or whatever. This is the link I was at so someone can look at it and have abit more educate frame of mind about it

Anyway- this website and forum is such a life saver mentally for me.
One last question- is there anyone from Missouri or a neighboring state we could meet and see if there is anything we can do collectively to increase each others work. 579 JSVI

One time someone attacked me to such an extent, I was torn from my physical body and I flat lined and stopped breathing for about 2 minutes.

Unlike what your article says it wasn’t one or the other, I received an incredibly violent attack and lingering spiritual problems. For a time being my spiritual body and physical body were severed, this problem produced obvious and otherwise unexplainable and bizarre physical trauma, along with putting some kind of curse on me that always brought my life back to the same point. I felt like I was constantly struggling against the tide, and when I made progress I was beaten back to the same point.

I went through an ungodly amount of shit for over a year, things got better when I learned qi-gong, because my chinese master taught me how to un-corkscrew my spine from this “near death experience” where I somehow did this without making noticeable movements when I “passed out”, “flat lined”, and “stopped breathing for a few minutes” otherwise known to myself as “dying”. He also told me how to heal a variety of the conditions that had afflicted my body. These were either from physical or energetic problems, qi-gong resolved a very high number of both.

I had tons of negative experiences for years, until properly banishing, summoning the proper entities to dispel the work against me and protect from shit hitting the fan again. It was such a powerful tide against me, I feel as if it started attracting more negative situations and gaining more momentum. So after I did all that magick, I did a Death of Self ritual to set a new and positive direction for my life.

There are times where I felt my world had literally been sent spinning by otherworldly forces. When I first got involved in magick, I was not taught how to deal with this, and was pretty much told to wait it out, and that if I damaged my enemy enough he couldn’t harm me with whatever magick he used against me because it would loose power. And despite how this may reflect some people’s reality, I think of it as a half truth. Because some things do not leave of their own accord, and some acquire momentum. If you get shot by a bullet and you kill the person who shot you, you don’t walk it off, you go to a hospital, and you go quickly (or in this case at least moderate speed).

When there is a spiritual force that is working against your ascent or maybe even existence, it is a bad assumption to think such things will go away. You might even be able to deal with a lot of it if you’re powerful, but there is a threshold. This threshold is deceiving, because something that’s not thought to be that harmful can be if it’s allowed to gain momentum. And if you don’t take action, you won’t find yourself anywhere you want to be.

Remember the way you deal with this, because you’ll probably deal with it again in the future if you’re seeing it now.

Also, I think Uncle Chuckie himself informed me of Moloch Sorcery when I had a problem I needed great help with. I was satisfied, and I felt like this person was qualified. I liked the article, and I can confirm things like this exist, but they can be overcome…With the right magick of course.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

This may be off base but when I was young (7-8yrs old) I had an entity wake me in the middle of the night. It was a tall, muscular figure with strange colored glowing eyes. We made eye contact and I began to feel as if I was being electrocuted. This lasted for about 5 minutes or so but felt like fucking forever. He telepathically said “I will return for you” but that was the last time it made contact… felt compelled to share.

FDM, if I were you I’d do a thorough divination or at least have one done to see if you are in fact experiencing crossed conditions.

Frater A, gave you some good advice to add to it I’d add that a positive mindset can go very far in dealing with issues like these. The more you think about it and stress over it the more power your allowing it to take hold in your life.

If you think you are legitimately being attacked or cursed I can make a spirit to kick some ass for you. Not for free obviously but for a reasonable price, just inbox me if interested

A crossed condition is the result of a crossing spell. It’s the same as a hex. You can use the word to refer to simple bad luck, butcurse is the original meaning.
Removing such conditions is actually fairly simple, but nay require repetition.
You can purchase uncrossing bath salts, 13 herb baths, or make a tea of salt, Angelica root, and basil to add to bath water. When taking the uncrossing bath, it’s typical to recite psalm 51 and pour the water over your head. You always scrub downwards, never up. Stay in for about thirty minutes. Take a cup and fill it with the water. Let the bath drain out. Go to a crossroads and throw out the cup of water over your left shoulder to the east. Repeat as necessary.

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brother moloch is the real deal. he’s helped me out a lot over the years

i wouldn’t be surprised if you were crossed by the lds. xian churches love to do bindings. they’re very trigger-happy when it comes to cursing.

for uncrossing religious dogma, i’d like to refer you to paul huson. in paul’s book mastering witchcraft, he has a rite in chapter one for that. you light a candle and say the lord’s prayer backwards for a number of days:

" This is what you must do: prior to going to bed on three successive nights, light a candle and address yourself to it with the following words. This gibberish is, in fact, the Lord’s Prayer written out backwards.

Nema! Livee morf su revilled tub
Noishaytpmet ootni ton suh deel
Suh tshaiga sapsert tath yeth
Vigrawf eu za sesapsert rua suh vigrawf.
Derb ilaid rua yed sith suh vig
Neveh ni si za thre ni
Nud eeb liw eyth
Muck mod-ngik eyth
Main eyth eeb dwohlah
Neveh ni tra chioo
Rethawf rua!

As you chant the words, visualize great iron shackles struck off your hands and feet by sizzling bolts of lightning and disintegrating into molten shards to either side of you. Hear the whine and crackle of the searing flashes as they accomplish the work of liberation, and consciously try to feel the burden of all your inherited guilts, all that vast edifice of twaddle and claptrap, sliding easefully from your back.

When all is over, blow out the candle, uttering the witch words “So mote it be!”

Should you feel any frissons of fear creeping up your spine during the performance of what may appear to you palpable blasphemy, it is all to the good. This is a process of purgation and catharsis and often carries with it a certain echo of childhood fears. Don’t worry, though; any cold shivers only herald the fact that your deep mind is sitting up and taking notice.

It is through your deep mind that you will develop your powers once you have cleared away the litter and debris that usually clogs it, as indeed is generally the case of the ordinary man-in-the-street.

Strive to remember who you are, a magician, what you did the night before, and the reason you did it. Then, maintaining that same frame of mind, embark upon the coming day.

The feeling of release that should accompany this little rite is a sure indication that the way is open for the powers to begin flowing within you. It is as simple as that."

  • paul huson, mastering witchcraft, chapter one (first steps)

s.jason black mentioned this step in his book pacts with the devil as having an extremely deep effect on the people who have actually done it - it cleans you right out. sorceress cagliastro once wrote a book where she took this rite, added onto it, and extended it for twenty-one days for a full cleanout.

if you follow through with this rite properly, you’ll find yourself spontaneously coming up with ideas. it unclogs your intuition and gets you dreaming again.

give this one a try if you think church indoctrination might be holding you back. you might just need to unload old mental programming at a deep level