Surge of Energy

This could just be a result from the interactions I’ve had with Lord Belial lately; however, I’m going to ask regardless.

Currently, I feel very euphoric and pumped full of energy. I’ve entertained the idea of running into the woods with reckless abandon and hunting something. Stalking, hunting, killing. I’m so full of energy I can barely see straight.

I’ll rule out the mundane for you:

I don’t take drugs.
I’m not manic-depressive.
No caffeine or medications either.

Is anyone else experiencing a surge of energy?


How long has that been going on?

It’s been slowly ramping up the past few days. Then, meeting what I presume to be the peak today.

I’ve definitely felt this way before, but not from interacting with Lord Belial.

I could be overreacting, but you have me concerned with the “killing” bit. What exactly are you wanting to kill?

Since three days ago?

I feel full of energy and euphoria when spirits have been extra frisky. The let’s go kill things vibe, not really. But then I’m less aggressive by nature. I’m more into running into the woods to hunt truffles and just enjoy the sounds and smells of the forest. All the contact could be bringing out your base nature?

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It’s difficult to describe. It’s not directed at anything or anyone in particular. It’s just… feral.


Perhaps this.

So, I suppose I can presume this is an individual experience I am going through perhaps.


My moods have been swingy as hell lately so you’re not the only one who wants to run through the woods throwing Spears into the neck of a deer and drink the blood squirting from the wound if it makes you feel better. :blue_heart:


There’s nothing wrong with being feral. I actually think if you have access to hunting it would be a great bonding experience. Seems like something Belial would be into, especially if you use the meat/blood/fat/heart etc as an offering. Hearts seem to be a favorite with a lot of more aggressive spirits.


Yes! Be still my heart! :black_heart:

Indeed so!

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@HermDemon astral hunting trip to quell the urges?

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Perfectly normal.

It’s a part of you, a natural consequence of removing the useless bullshit holding you back (and Belial can definitely help there).

It’s going to evolve further, and you along with it.

Embrace it, live it, use it.


It’s been years since I’ve gone hunting in the different realms, but that is a wonderful idea!


Glad I could help my friend :blue_heart: lf I was better at traveling I’d join you.

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I find hunting down any parasites hanging about is pretty satisfying and pragmatic :face_with_monocle: helps me work through any feral instincts that kick in and helps rid my area of the toxic energetic crap them buggers can manifest to sustain themselves.


Not now but a while ago (3 months about) I had an incredible surge in energy for about a week or a bit more. Haven’t experienced it since and never figured it out

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