Supposed Letter From god

I’m dead serious.I received a letter with no return address on it.I’m not going to post what it says but this.
My Child…
Love,Your Dad
Almighty God
Very interesting that i received this letter a month after i really started getting serious with magick and no i haven’t told anyone in my day to day life of what i’m doing.Apparently he didn’t get the memo that i want absolutely NOTHING to do with him when i threw my bible in the dumpster or when i did my own personalized blaspheming of him.Apparently i’m going to have to take extreme measures to let him know that i’m serious and not going through a phase.So i’m keeping the letter to do a ritual but i’m going to need ideas that will get the point across to this persistent fucker.Something dark enough that even he can’t ignore my intention.Please?

I’m going to point out an earthly possibility here: Someone in your neighborhood is trolling you.

You didn’t have to tell anyone for people to find out about your interest in magick.

• Maybe they saw you throw your Bible away.
• Maybe they found your Bible in the dumpster and were able to figure out which home it came from.
• Maybe you can be heard by witnesses when you chant, or when you did your personalized blaspheming.
• Maybe someone caught a glimpse of your rituals.
• Maybe it’s someone in your life who discovered your occult interests, and is well-meaning if not misguided when they sent you that letter.

It could be anything. It’s surprising how easy it is for people to find a way into your personal affairs, and how much we accidentally slip out through our body language and social cues.

Anyway, point is, you may be more successful finding the person who wrote and sent you that letter. Target that person, as s/he is the true source of that letter. Or just tell them to mind their own business, and take additional measures to secure your privacy. God may not have had any part in that letter at all; it’s possible that this person took the entire undertaking upon him or herself.

Personally I don’t see a point to getting into religious wars. There’s arguable virtues and drawbacks within every religion. Religion A works with some people, while Religion B fits better with others. The issue is not religion, it’s the human beings who corrupted it. It’s the people who suck at their religion, asshats in the name of religion like the author of that letter. Your war is with that asshat. Identify that person and begin your work there. Best of luck.

Up there.That sounds like a human thing,if there ever was one.However,let’s entertain the possibility that this is really God.

First things first,why denounce him altogether?Almost every spiritual system has something you can get out of it and use.Unless Jehovah is there undoing every spell you do,I don’t see the problem.Even if he is,you can probably tell him to back off,right?Go to Church,and tell him that no,you don’t want his pity,you don’t want his forgiveness.Nothing personal,I just don’t think I can belong to your faith,etc.

If you need to eliminate him completely from your life,here’s what you’re gonna do.

First,make four clay tablets.Drawn on them,the sigils of Michael,Gabriel,Uriel and Raphael.Open them all,and then say:’‘Before the Infernal Empire may rise,the Kingdom of God must fall.’’

Break all the tablets and place them into a bin.

Go to your altar,and hang a cross,black,at least half a meter,upside down.Instead of the Holy Trinity,of the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit,you will use Satan,the Beast,and the False Prophet.

For Satan,you will hang the sigil of Baphomet,symbolizing the dark god depicted by Eliphas Levy.

For the Beast,place a picture of a dragon or snake or something.

And for the false prophet,try to make a picture of Jesus Christ,except mockingly defaced,partially torn,or in some other manner desecrated.Place it on the inverted cross and charge it.

Open it in the name of Satan,the Beast,and the False Prophet,and call forth the Black Trinity,letting it fill your Temple with its malevolent energy.Feel it growing.

Now,place the sigil of Lucifer on your right side,and if you dare,Lucifuge Rofocale on the other.Lucifuge doesn’t exactly have a sigil,so just right his name.Charge them both.

If you don’t dare(like I wouldn’t),then please,do yourself a favor and place the sigil of Baphomet.

Call the Emperor of Hell and its vizier(or Baphomet) into your temple,seeing them both on either end.

Charge a bowl of water with this unholy ritual,and pour a drop of blood into it.Then,the sigils of the nine demonic kings EA mentions around you in a circle,commanding each of them to open and bring Hell on Earth.

When you feel yourself devoured by the presence of all this infernal energy,call out to the Powers of Darkness and tell them you adore them.

The bowl in which you placed the clay,take a small statuette of Jesus Christ,break it,and place its pieces in there too.Place a rosary,a Bible,and whatever else you have of Christianity,before lighting them all on fire.

From this,pull energy into yourself like a psychic vampire,and simply tell ‘‘God’’ to leave you alone,forever,and ever,and ever.Laugh,and of course,bow before the cross you have placed.

Put the fire out,with the offering of water that’s been consecrated,mix all the stuff from the bin.Throw it all out.It is done.The lettre,should be among the things burned.

The letter should be ruined.It should be torn,pickled,or in some other way desecrated,before it is burned.

When all of this is done,meditate before the cross daily for 11 days,thinking about one of the Satanic statements presented by Anton LaVey,on every day.

I still don’t really see much reason to do this,though.

It’s a certainty that God didn’t write you a letter, so why take it seriously? I agree that a nosy neighbor or acquaintance is trolling you. Try to be even more discreet in the future.

If there was a way i’d confront this individual personally but there is no return address on the envelope hence no way of tracking this person down.And no no one saw me throw my bible away.This was over ten years ago.It doesn’t make sense that someone would wait for over ten years to send that letter and absolutely NO ONE knows i’m practicing magick NO ONE.So no to all of the above nada,zilch,nothing.I make absolutely sure no one comes into my room or hears me and if they do it looks exactly like an ordinary room.

But clearly someone knows, either someone is trolling you - or a a god or spirit is trolling you. Or you are trolling yourself, first is the most possible.

Well, Readers Digest address their solicitous garbage personally, to get more subscriptions (or they used to.) What’s to stop some church mob, with too much money from employing similar tactics to win more souls? You didn’t mention if the letter was handwritten or typed. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a fucking form letter and that you’re not the only recipient, by a long shot!

Sounds like a persistant christian asshole that is onto you, your magick practices, and wants to try and convince you to come to god and all that happy sheepish bullshit. Just ignore it. But if this person keeps it up, do some magick or detective work and figure out who is sending the letters. Get a security cam, they are cheap as dirt on Amazon and the feed can be saved to your computer, no security monitors, bulky equipment or vhs tapes are needed anymore for a basic home set up and you can DIY easily. The home cameras are tiny and not noticeable and they can send the live feed to your desktop comp. via bluetooth wifi. You can even send the feed to an ipad or android app.

Then when you figure it out, write the person a letter back and say it’s from Satan. HAhaha! Get creative. Fuck with them in return.

Hey Raven that security camera is a great idea! i didn’t know you can get a good one for cheap tho.

OP, did the letter say anything about magick, or indeed, anything personally about you at all? Was it like a newspaper horoscope, general and open to enough interpretation, to apply to just about anyone?
Raven, I love your idea about a letter from Satan! Imagine what it might say…
“I know all about those lustful thoughts you’ve been having, for the wife of your brother in the hypocritical Xtian faith, the one with the beautiful breasts. You might think I know, because I put them there. I did no such thing! They are your thoughts and your thoughts alone. You are a creature of flesh, an animal!”

Yeah they used to all cost a butt load of money but I have seen them online for around $60 to $120 and the events captured are just fed to your computer or mobile device and saved in a file for accessing later on. I once rigged my iphone to work as a security camera and left it in the window over night and kept it plugged in so the battery wouldn’t die. Someone was stealing gas from cars in our parking lot so we got a locking gas cap but they tried to key their way thru the damn thing!

My neighbors were all poor so the last thing I needed was them having no gas because they didn’t have the money to replace it which means they woulda stole from me probably to get the money somehow. They liked to steal my packages I ordered in the mail but I caught the thief red handed. When my iphone sensed motion an alarm went off and I woke up and saw the bitch cyphoning my elderly neighbor’s tank so I went out there with my pistol and made her put it back. The elderly neighbors were the only ones in that apartment complex besides me that did not steal and were actually nice.

If everyone was armed with Guns, we would need less police and there would be less crime.

I’ve slept on the matter and i’m not mad anymore.I have taken suggestions into consideration and have decided to ignore it for the time being,but i personally don’t think it a coincidence that this month when i started buying magick supplies i received that letter.Facepalm it just dawned on me that its a possibility someone handling my bank statement saw my purchases and the fact that no one else at the house received such a letter makes it feel personal.
No it wasn’t personal or anything like that it was a typed letter with a whole bunch of bible verses as if god himself was addressing me,but i do know it was most likely a guy since the handwritten portion is written the way us men usually write.
If i get another i’m going to bug the hell out of my bank to find out who it is that handles my bank statements so i can have a little chat with him.

Was it this?

Well i’ll be damned that’s the exact letter.

That raises the chances it was someone who sends out random letters then, a bit like “letter in a bottle” and that it’s not such a personal thing.

Check local newspapers, any online forums in your area, see if anyone else got one?

Someone could have looked through the electoral register, phone book, whatever, and just picked people to send them to at random.

I don’t see it being someone at your bank, because they’d be risking their job and their career for harassing customers like this.

paranoia and much ado about nothing

Reading the newest comments, how you were unable to tell it was junk mail? I know you said it had no return address which lots of junk doesn’t have one but the organization that had those typed up has to identify themselves in the letter or at least display a postage paid stamp permit on the envelope (here in the U.S.) or else it’s illegal unless the letter came with a handful of sales flyers or the newspaper then they don’t have to. Did it come with some sales flyers or the paper?

If not the people sending them could violating postal regulations. I knew someone that did this for a local father son lawn mowing business to advertise because they didn’t have a lot of money and started this as a side job but they left an email in the envelope and were contacted by the post office which they ignored thinking it was a joke but the post office finally rang their doorbell one day and said they tracked the letters to them and to stop or they would be fined $200 per each letter sent because they had no return address and no stamps on them. So even though this was junk mail, the person could be violating postal laws which is subject to fines if reported.

Nope it just came with the postage and the regular mail no newspapers or flyers or anything identifying itself in the letter.On the envelope it has my area code typed in and the top right hand corner Oklahoma City of which i assume is the point of origin.And the reason i didn’t know this may have been junk mail is because it was sent in a regular envelope and here where i live junk mail is readily indentifiable by which company is sending it.This one did not.

@Iam Incide
I don’t see this as paranoia one bit.This is the very first time in my life i received an unidentifiable source of mail.Every single piece of mail i have gotten has always been indentifiable including junk mail.If this had been a regular occurrence for me i wouldn’t have given it much thought and just have thrown it in the trash.