Support By Significant Other?

Evening Brothers and Sisters

Im new to the left hand path.

Have any of you ever had challenges by you partner, girl/boy friend or husband/wife supporting you ?

I have been in a relationship for the passed 8 years, she isnt religious but spiritual.

She is isnt supportive at all and almost mocking in a way, refers to the “Dark Arts” as childish and should grow up.

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Perhaps she will have an eye opening experience one day that may change her beliefs or test the strength of your relationship. How important is it to you that she believes what you believe? If very important, she might not be the one for you.

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She has the right not to believe in the dark arts but doesnt have right to mock you however you can continue the relationship without exposing your dark arts to her

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I would be careful doing this as living in the closet is not a comfortable thing for anyone to do.


Yeah true maybe come to an understanding to respect each other in the relationship for what they believe in

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Yes. I’ve openly started telling people I trust about my beliefs and experiences, even my father who is die-hard Christian. He loved to rip on me any chance he got about it. One day though we went out for brunch and we came to a mutual understanding.

The real ones in your life should not and will not treat you any differently.
Agree to disagree to maintain balance if necessary.



You should sit and talk to her. She has the right of not believe in the things you do, but she has to respect you. So talk to her, let her know that bothers/hurt you when she mocks you, asked her to actually hear, see your side, show that you’re willing to do the same for her. Sometimes somethings can be solve just by a simple conversation. :slight_smile:


What every one has said is true i was up from with my spouse about it n he didn’t like it at first he was very controlling and consistently bothering me during rituals or ‘standing in’ while I do a ritual he went as far as to try to keep me from contact and stop me from going through the works i needed to do however i can not post all blame on him since I chose to listen to him as a don’t want to fight kinda thing but now I broke those chains and told him I he couldn’t respect what i do and what I believe in then I would have to leave I couldn’t have some one holding me back from my path or my love you Kno and now he keeps quiet about it and doesn’t bother me when I am doing some thing granted he has his moments but well human spouses are just like that


Obviously the ideal situation is a couple that shares this particular way of life.
I was in a relationship with someone who (said that she) was interested but wasn’t a witch herself. This will eventually lead to a situation in which everything you do or say will be considered suspicious and you are getting blamed for everything that can and will happen.
Or that’s just how it was for me and the Crazy one.
In Dutch we have a saying that translates to
‘Two religions one a pillow, the Devil sleeps in between.’
But Love can be a strong Force if it is true.

Hey Guys

I value your inputs, thank you

I’m selfish with my spirituality.

When I tried to include my significant other in my research about black magick, I kept on being warned and all that. So now I just don’t talk about it. I am really private though, to begin with, so it’s easy for me not to share.

I think people just don’t get it, unfortunately.

I got lucky, my SO is completely supportive and curious about what path I follow. We don’t always agree on perspectives but we can always discuss and talk things out. Our paths may not be the exact same, but we do everything we can to help one another on the path we are on.

You gave very general description of the situation. here is at least several factors that can influence her attitude toward ‘Dark Arts’

When you say she is spiritual but not religious, what that mean? She grew up in non religious home? She was religious before but gave it up at some point? Is she resentment toward religion at all, or any specific religion? Find why she finds your Dark Arts childish?

Another thing is how you present yourself and present dark arts to her? Have you described what you do in competent way? or vague? Have you shown here parallels between your practice and her spirituality? Have you tried to descript ‘Dark Arts’ in terms that she can rely to? (like i.e. Crowley whose parallels between Yoga ang Magick helped me to describe magick to New Agers in a way that didn’t scare them)
Third thing is what are her associations toward ‘Dark Arts’ even if she is not religious and is spiritual, she can have some fears. Maybe she feel insecure about herself in contact with dark arts, maybe she feel insecure of you when you practice dark arts? Check on her intention when she mocks you, is she caring about your good? Or maybe she feels she have to compete with Dark Arts about your attention? etc… As you can see there is many options. Honest talks will be good, assurance from your side too.

And BTW there is still one other thing, maybe she is mocking you in a friendly way while you are touchy over Dark Arts topic?