This question had been asked, but doesnt have any answers as of 2014 so I figured Id ask cuz Im in a rut. Any online sites I can buy witchcraft supplies at? Any suggestions or anything? Thanks😁

Luciferian Apotheca is run by Michael Ford and has a pretty good selection. I buy a fair amount of incenses and such from there. Though I would advocate checking out any local witchcraft shops that may be in your area if you can find one.

Im looking for more online options to reduce the risk of exposure

I would say like crystals, wands, pendulums. Like a general supy shop or something

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Generally, I would go for amazon for those types of supplies as for an online option.

For the crystals, i would browse in their specimens and industrial section as it helps cut the chances of you getting dyed quartz or plastic (especially when it comes to rare crystals such as moldavite) instead of the crystal you are looking for.

If I can’t make it myself, I have tons of witchy friends who make awesome things. Otherwise, I usually do Etsy.