I hope this not a dumb question to ask.

Is possible for us magicians to manipulate elements like how you see them in superhero movies? Is this true

But one might say yes if your skill set is at a high level.


Man, why do you need that, when you can literally shift reality with your power?

Throwing rocks and water around, Avatar style, is nothing compared to the universe-bending power you can work with.

But to answer your question - some are able to move elements, but Avatar style - didn’t see that. Who knows though, I’ve heard of some travelling through dimensions with their physical body (which is obviously very high level shit). :slight_smile:


Anything is possible, but most superpowers require an incredible amount of will and self-determination.


What you’re talking about is Hollywood magic i.e. Harry Potter. Real “magick” is something else entirely. When I see irrefutable, empirical evidence of a superhuman feat of someone leaping over a tall building in a single bound or some other such impossibility claiming they did it through the use of magic(k) then I will expand and redefine my definition of the word “magick”. One hears all sorts of wild claims about superhuman things people have done through magick including on this forum without offering one shred of solid evidence such as I once “shapeshifted” into a monkey turd, but yet they have no video evidence of morphing into said primate feces but may claim their boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever witnessed the rather odorous event but that is not evidence.

So, to answer your question, no you can’t. I say it because absolutely no one has proven that you can. And please no examples of so called Jesus “miracles” from the Bible. A book written thousands of years ago by a bunch of old Jewish guys with ZZ Top beards who believed the earth was flat is not a credible source of information.


The unrealistic part is not the "superpowers"themselves but the speed at which they happen and how clearly you see them. You can cast a spell on someone and have it work. Unlike Harry potter you may not see it happen right in front of you to the person and see power coming out of your hand or wand. But when you find out the person you cursed fell down the stairs and broke their leg then you know.

If you’ve done a lot of work with the elements and aligning yourself to them they won’t effect as much. I can sit in the air conditioning at work and make myself feel warm. My coworkers are amazed how im drinking iced coffee and they are shivering.But i may not feel warm right away.


I do not know about jumping off buildings or flying, but I can say for sure they do exist as far as Physical Telekinesis goes seeing objects flying across the room suddenly.


Indeed it is possible, but at highly advanced levels.

Everything manifests first from the mental plane and goes from there to the astral and then finally physical once given enough impetus and power.

So, you first work on a mental construct of the elements, then you start working on the astral aspects and master that, then you can start doing physical work.

You have to first be able to accumulate the fire element in a room or yourself to the degree that it actually causes real temperature changes.

After that, then you can start working with elemental kings and queens( or any other spirits you know about) that can teach you the physical manifestations of the elements if that is your wish.

Franz Bardon claims these things are possible and even shows the spirits that do such in his “the Practice of Magical Evocation” as well as other ways of using the cosmic letters to achieve amazing effects, Konstantinos also states spirits in his grimoire that show manipulation of the elements, E.A. has talked about all this as well on his youtube channel and such.

Bardon also claims in his Initiation Into Hermetics book, that once enough life force is accumulated into a room and you have mastery at it, you will be able to cause the room to noticeably glow even to those without their astral senses developed. He also states the various powers and abilities one can achieve once the elements are mastered to a certain degree and even gives examples of them at the back of his book(levitation etc,.)

I’ve seen beings materialize in front of me, then wave their hands in front of me and cause me to lose consciousness.

I’ve woken up after intense meditation retreats levitating above my bed, still under the covers and hovering there for a bit until I became uneasy about it, and slowly descended once again to my bed.

I’ve been shot out of my body like a cannon, being taken somewhere by another entity, going through space seeing the planets within a translucent golden tunnel of fire with what I can only explain the love of the divine poured out upon me so much so that I couldn’t take it at the time and asked it to stop.

I’ve had open-eyed visual visitations by entities like Ganesha and Bael just hovering above me as I woke up in the early morning hours.

I’ve performed protection meditations where after some time a co-worker who had no idea what I was doing, thought to throw a shoe at me. The shoe “hit” my invisible force field around me and just dropped straight down like a dead ball in front of me.

She was freaked out and I had to make up some story to get her mind off it. I thought it was hilarious and amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

So, yeah IMO and experience, and the experience of high adepts these powers are all real and all possible with the right will, training, and tutors.

The first step is controlling the mind, then you can start to control the astral, and finally you can start controlling the physical. Then you can really start to play wizard. \m/


I’ve seen enough ridiculous stuff that I will have to say yes.

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I’ve seen it so yes I’d say it’s possible, but from what I was taught it may not be what you think.

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What do you mean

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If you’re replying to me then I was taught there are infinite timelines where we usually drift a bit through the different timelines near us but it’s possible to jump to timelines where anything’s possible, including timelines where you practice superhero powers. That doesn’t mean you can prove those powers to the world. Those type of timelines do exist, but I’m told it would be an impressive jump to enter those timelines.


So by timelines you mean on this plane of existence or on other planes of existence.

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I only have a basic understanding of the physics, but I think our timelines are in our plane.

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adam thoth has shared his videos on here of his telekinesis abilities which are pretty impressive and i am electrokenisis. so it yes it is possible.


Your electrokinetic?


yes and a few others

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my own self…i can blow breaker boxes and transformers when i pull alot of electricity. I can cause electrical storms and send jolts to other people.
I think my limit is that I limit myself. If i believe i can do it…i usually do.

Im also pryo.


Hmm like avatar style would be cool
"Today I Learned rock throwing with my mind and what ? Now I don’t have windows in my room lets learn fire element then I will don’t have a house! Yey!"
Now for real its hard to practice you will not be able to do Boom like terrorist and you will not throw rocks you need strong will and effects will be small not worth of effort if only for power but good for mind training :slight_smile: that’s my opinion

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That’s Hollywood and Television for you, something I personally had to get out my head when I first started down this path.