Supermoon Rite to Samael & Belial - Shattering the Fetters

Greetings readers,

As someone who is all too familiar with what life can throw at you, it can seem very overwhelming, suffocating and burdensome to continue pushing towards your life’s goals, dreams and aspirations.

We can be faced with those who seek to oppress us and block us from achieving our true potential in this life. We have times where, due to circumstantial reasons such as money, transportation, family, etc. we cannot move beyond what holds us back. Sometimes we have been deliberately cheated out of what was rightfully ours, sometimes by those closest to us.

Sometimes, people can truly be victims of their pasts, unable to move on, unable to pursue their dreams, unable to follow their Soul’s true purpose. This isn’t uncommon. Sometimes, the things that have been dealt to us seem to be too heavy for us to carry on.

I reject these limiting beliefs, that one cannot become what they are meant to be, simply because of people, past influences, mundane circumstances etc.

So, with that being said, as someone who’s tread this road, I am offering to perform a Ritual to Samael and Belial, on June 24th, the night of the Supermoon. I will be accepting 9 people at maximum, and the only details I will need are your full name and date of birth. Nothing will be shared. This ritual will destroy all things standing in the way of you pursuing your true dreams, your goals, your life purpose. Be it people, circumstances, or anything else holding you down from your true purpose, it will be destroyed, burned, poisoned, and you will be liberated and brought towards your true life purpose.

I will be blunt and honest - this Rite will shake things up. Don’t expect to be casually driven towards a rainbow over the hill. This is for people who need their lives to be changed, and destroyed in the best way.

Samael and Belial, side by side, will remove what holds you back no matter what form your obstacles come in, and will show you the way to pursuing your life’s true purpose, and bring you closer to fulfilling your Soul’s purpose for this life.

Consider this a gift from one who traveled a dark and dreary road once. Thanks is appreciated, but Belial and Samael will be the ones you should direct your true thanks and gratitude too.

To those who don’t make it to the deadline, I can send you the ritual to perform yourself afterwards if you wish.

And if you ever need a friend, feel free to private message me, and / or exchange info on a messaging app. I’m happy to be here for people in genuine need.

To the The Lawless King and the Venomous Dark Archangel,



To clarify, you mean June?

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Thanks. You confused me for a moment. The days blend together for me sometimes, so I had to double check that it was actually June lol

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They do, lol. I mixed the months up, apologies and thanks for pointing that out! I edited it.

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Awesome stuff

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Would like to say also that this is completely free. It’s a passion project. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you to all those who participated. If you’d like me to send you the Ritual to perform yourself if you didn’t get in at the deadline, please DM me - I’m more than willing to share with someone in need.


Dear Mika, I would like my name to be added to your ritual if it on going to be 24th of this month. I really do need it sincerely,

Let me know and I will send you my full name if I am not too late

I like one too if theirs any spot open

This thread is almost a year old. The OP was referring to June 24th of last year. Please make note of the date before responding, it’s month and year, (jun '21)

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