Supermoon & Asmodeus/Asmoday Invocation

Wanted to share my experiences with the Super-Blood-Wolf-Moon-Lunar-Eclipse-with-a-side-of-fries-for-$5 with the community; simply because I feel I’ve made some progress.

TLDR: Felt the moon energy hardcore, shifted the weather, and called upon Asmodeus with the intent to learn the ways of warriorhood.

When the moon first turned red, I couldn’t see it due to clouds being in the way. I could still feel it, but I really wanted to observe it myself. I did Asenath Mason’s Draconic Invocation from her Draconian Ritual Book, which felt more powerful than usual due to the moon. Once I did, and dwelled in the energy for a moment, I decided to call upon the forces of Magick itself; to move the clouds so I may see the moon. I chanted and chanted for a moment or two. Out of what seemed like nowhere. I small patch of open sky moved right over the moon, and only the moon, for what was about 30 seconds or so; possibly even a minute (i wasn’t counting and I’m going off memory.) The moon was beautiful… I could feel its crimson glow seep into my body. This full moon was in Leo, and being a Leo moon I felt connected with it greatly. And as the clouds began to close again… it started to snow. I felt as though I was one with the world and the skies above in that moment… and I’m starting to believe less and less in coincidences. I believe I just manipulated the weather; or perhaps tapped into something that manipulated it for me. Meditating on this now, of course.

Now, I did a lot of rituals throughout the night of this moon, can’t remember remember some of them but am aware I did them; I prefer that considering I’m not the best at the whole “forget your desire” thing.

Tonight was the first night I was going to do an official invocation. As I’ve been reading and studying spirits; Asmodeus was popping up over and over in my head. I needed to call upon him; and I knew what to ask him. I have VK Jehannum’s book about Qliphothic Sorcery. In it he talks about Asmodeus/Asmoday and how he’s a spirit of warriorhood. I called upon him with VK’s invocation with two intentions 1. a friendly hello and introduction 2. ask him what it means to be a true warrior, and how I can become one. I wont get into what he told me for now, but the experience was life changing for me. I could not stop spinning my head while he was invoked inside me. My voice changed at many different parts. He had me write things down and draw a sigil. My arms contorted around and i was crawling on the ground at some points like some weird creature. Then I sprung up out of nowhere. Asmodeus said through me, “Show me what you can do.” My body then began to recite my skills on martial arts and fighting i’ve been studying for years on its own. It was just happening. It energy my body was putting into it was something Ive never felt before. Needless to say, I still need work, but he gave me some parting words, my voice basically screaming what he was saying through me. My body collapsed on the couch, and my body twitched. Just like that, he was gone. I got up absolutely exhausted… yet energized at the same time. I looked at my notes, and I’m glad I hate my journal ready, because everything that just happened was kinda fuzzy. The sigil he gave me was a warrior sigil. I thanked him for his help and was honored to have him as my first invocation. I heard a whisper in my mind “This wasn’t your first.” and that’s when i ended my workings for the night of the Special moon.

This was a big night for me… and many times if been uncertain if i was imagining my magick or if it was legit; i can say with certainty that this night was legit.

I would like to take a moment to thank Asmodeus for his help and the knowledge he’s given me. I look forward to working together again very soon. As a being of fire, i feel drawn to you.

Thanks for reading everyone! I’m glad to be a part of this community where we can all share our experiences and help each other.
What were your experiences during for the supermoon?
For everyone that did EA’s Azazel ritual; How’d it go?


Ya, bud, look I haven’t done the Azazel sword ritual, but just reading your post about your experience on the Blood moon, I have to say, I am seven shades of fucked up after yesterday ritual. Even some people in the Same house as I am, (fqmily) are fucked up (unbeknownst) to them that I was busy buite magical workings. It was definitely a tier one day with regards to workings. Well done! Dark regards