Super, super excited!

Azazel is allowing me to make a pact with Lucifuge!! This is so huge!!!


YESSSSSS DO IT!!! Post the results!!


I will. Im very excited!


You will be in for an adventure!!! Have fun. Lucifuge is definitely something else.


Yes. I am seeing that already :grinning:

Its definitely going to be an adventure


My experience so far.

I called Lucifuge using his name alone. I knew he would come. Azazel had been gradually introducing us to each other.


This morning in my circle after I called Azazel and Shax…I called Lucifuge.

This time he appeared as a huge beast, solid black with horns. I kept getting flashes of the more human looking version but i kept slipping.
He asked me what I wanted.
And I replied I thought you wanted something.
L- you are very brave.
A- yes, maybe
L- I want you to find to things for me…___ and ___
If you try and do your best I will reward you, find one and I reward more find both and you will have a great reward.
A- but arent you more powerful than me…wouldnt you be able to find it better than myself?
L- normally that would be the case…but sometimes things can be hidden from even us.
A- I see
L- the terms are clear a 30 day pact. You find the two things and while in this pact I will protect you and at the end you will be given generous rewards.
I swear it infront of Azazel and Shax
A- it will be as you say then
L- here you may need this on your adventure(Lucifuge had been holding a gold staff with prongs at one end that held a white stone. Which he handed to me.
L- write up the pact and sign it.
And then he was gone.


Don’t fuck up! :wink:

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that sounds like an amazing experience Arianna,

Being that I’ve just started working towards understanding this path, I hope you dont mind if I ask a few questions,
When you saw him was it like in your minds eye? or on an astral plane or like literally in the room with you?
I ask not in doubt but rather out of curiosity, I can appreciate that each individuals experience will vary, and that spirits can appear in the way that is most easiest to come through (as in my case they appear in my dreams quite easily, and with lucifer he has appeared in the sight of my minds eye whilst conscious with my eyes closed)

Also, regarding materials, are you working with any particular grimoire/methods that I can look into or is it your own way?

It is definitely interesting to see a transcript of a dialogue between spirit/demon and conjurer.

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Its mostly just my way suppose. Ive always just let magick come to me. So it comes naturally and with a nice flow.
I depends sometimes minds eye. The circle stuff was astral and physical. I could feel him, Azazel, Shax close to me. And occasionally I can feel them brush my face and play with my hair. There is a stong masculine sent when Lucifuge is near. And last night while sitting on my porch I was typing the first experience and in the woods behind my house. I could hear an animal ive never heard before making loud and wild noises. That would have scared most ppl but i felt it was Lucifuge letting me know he was near.


I was wondering about tactile and olfactory sensation actually, cool!

I definitely want to work with the demonic entities, at the moment I’m learning Angel Reiki which to me seems to be a form of evocation, so I altered some of the initiations and used Lucifer as my focus, I’ve now seen his face and his sigil in my minds eye, I figured Lucifer having the aspect of the Archangel and demon would be a way into this kind of work. Playing it a little by ear as I refine my intentions and the purpose of my work.

I went through the 72 demons of the goetia, and 8 stood out, I may make a separate post on that actually come to think of it!

After the circle this morning I decided to just lie back on my bed and try to find them.


Go for it! Either way it sounds like an adventure, and it might actually help with your anxiety… I was once needle phobic until I faced it, turns out I was never really afraid of the needle, the fear was deep routed in a bad experience I had as a child with a rather cruel nurse.

But im also believe it or not afraid of the dark. :cry:
But I am gonna do it.


Afraid of the dark. I wouldn’t have guessed that. You’ll be fine.

Oddly what stopped me from being afraid of the dark was knowing that spirits are there. Not afraid they are there, but knowing they are there.

You’ll be awesome. It will be fun.

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I know. I will be okay :grinning:
Azazel has helped me face alot of my fears and overcome them.


Wow, can I come too! Sounds like a blast. My arrogance would probably ruin the whole thing.

You did awesome!

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Thank you !

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Should probably be noted that. After I asked if he and Azazel planned that so I would face my fears…and Lucifuge said …that they didnt bc they didnt even know where the object was located.
Then Lucifuge said
Maybe Arianna …did this so Arianna would face her fears…
A- :unamused: what you talkin bout willis??
Haha…he just had to go and blow my mind.


Magnificent!!! As I read through it the definitive aura that builds up is that akin to Azazel and Lucifuge although I havent worked with them. Always felt drawn to Azazel though, his sigil sometimes drive me mad like a bewitching device playing with my mentality. This is a great work @Eye_of_Ra !!! Well done~ I know for myself the validity of this (as an experience) since I’ve experienced same conversations with other demonic entities. They have the best sense of humour and sarcasm. Once again good job and stay strong! Cant wait to read more!

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