Super speed

Is it possible for someone to move as fast as QuickSilver ? For those of you who don’t know who he is …


Super speed is problematic.

You’d be better off focusing on controlling your perception of time. Make your perception fast enough, and everything moves like slow motion, slow your perception down, a long car ride takes seconds.

Also, with super speed, you’d have to worry about the stress on your joints and muscles, as well as your cardiovascular system and whatnot.


Ohhhh . So I would be able to do what he does just without the super speed ?

You’d basically be able to have super reflexes, but because of the limitations of your muscle structure and other things, your body wouldn’t be able to move faster than it normally can. It’d be like when you are swimming, you can move your limbs, but it’d be slower to your perception than normal.

That said, being able to ‘turn on’ super reflexes like that would still be very useful if done right.

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Ohh that makes sense


Also, you could do strength training and stuff to allow your muscles to better move the mass of your body when you do your super reflexes.

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So super reflexes are when you react to stuff way faster than the normal person ?

By just going to the gym or other stuff too ?


Well, one thing. Altering your perception so you perceive things faster is a bad idea if you don’t have a way to turn it back to normal.

As for the strength training, look at it like this. Your arm weighs, oh say, 5 pounds. Your muscles can move that, but they can only do it so quickly. By making the muscles stronger, they can move the weight faster. There are still hard limits to this, like bone and muscle density, the integrity of your joints and the ligaments and tendons in them, and some other factors.

The whole idea is that when things move in slow motion, your muscles have to be strong enough to move like it wasn’t slow motion even though it is. You aren’t making everything else slower, you’re making yourself faster.

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Isn’t that super speed ?

No, it’s just making yourself more physically fit. Think like olympic sprinters and stuff, they move fast, because they train to that.

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But I wanna move faster than they can ever dream of . Not the same or a little faster

There are reasons why that is a bad idea, as I already stated. There are limits to the physical body that are not easy to get around, and trying to pass those limits will hurt you in ways you cannot fully recover from. If you tear your muscle from the bone, the limb stops working, and even if it heals, it will never work quite as well as before you tore it.

Adjusting your perception and training your body to peak physical condition would still grant you very similar ability, just not ‘super human’.

Why do you want to move so fast that your body will tear itself apart?

Very similar ability to what ? The sprinters or quicksilver ?

I mean if there was a demon that works in that field maybe they would protect me from that or show me how to protect myself from that .

If you perceive time quickly, and can move quickly, you can move as if everything else is in slow motion, which is similar.

And with the right physical training, you’d be similar in ability to both, but within the realms of possibility.

As for a spirit keeping your body from tearing itself apart, you’d have to make a pretty big sacrifice for that. It’s not a one and done thing, it’d be constant upkeep, which takes time and energy. You’d have to really offer something in return for the spirit you try to form a pact with to do this.

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So how fast do you think that is ?

doesn’t sound really fast to me.

Well, it’s still faster than the average person by a wide margin.

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HMMMMM really ? Sound kind of nice . How do I get started ?

And would it make me faster than usain bolt ?

It wouldn’t make you any faster than anybody else in peak physical condition, but it would allow you to react and move much faster than a good portion of the population.