Super equinox tonight - what y'all doing

Full moon tonight,. Anyone doing anything like spells or evocations that they were waiting to do


Invocation to Lucifer

Icelandic stave that can only be made on the spring equinox


Ah it is an equinox tonight - it is high spring with a full moon. Ah that explains things.


Consecrated my ring that I’ll be binding the goetics to.

Yep yep been waiting for tonight. The last new moon was when i finially walked out of a mundane, boring life, and dipped my balls all the way back into the occult. I had forgotten so much, but am now more knowledgeable than before. I will banish the entities ive been working with and begin a new phase in my work. I will evoke azazel once more before banishing because he asked that i do so. Ive been waiting for and working towards this night, always watching the moon. :metal:

Attempting to create a servitore for spiritual healing, psychic defense, cloaking me from hostile intent and rebounding hostile energy back to the source 1,000 fold.

I did an evocation of Azazel and then Furcas. Been working with both lately.