Super Chakras

Wellll… working on the Evocation course material. Some weird stuff after some exercises the last few days. Could be related to circle casting, not sure.

This is related to the Hindu chakras and their elemental bija mantras

A common system of bija mantras (the elements of the chakras for those unfamiliar)

1 root Lam Earth element

  1. navel Vam Water element

  2. solar plexus Ram Fire element

  3. heart Yam Air element

  4. throat Ham Ether(space) element

  5. third eye Sham Mind element

  6. crown Om Consciousness element

E.A. also talks about the “true name” satnaam being the elemental “source” concioussness in the interview on the O.A.A. with Nate if memeory serves me right.

Traditionally to “open” a mantra and absorb its power you have to perform about 100,000 repeitions, then 100,000 reps to fully absorb its power, then 1 million to I guess walk through walls or something ( I forget the real reason).

I came up with a chant that in one repitition hits all the chakra bijas which are of course 1 syllable and incorporating the Satnaam name. It goes in different order then sequential and gives a looping circuit type feeling.

After some practice you can perform 1000 repetitions between 30-60 minutes. If practiced everyday you can hit 100,000 reps in about 3 months, and hit 1 million reps in about 2 years. Check it out, and see what you think

“Lam Om Satnam Ram Yam Sham Ham Vam”

“Earth Consciousness True Name Fire Air Mind Space Water”

Not a true literal translation but the cycle of tattwas in the chant.

The bijas with the “am” is pronunced a bit like “aum” or “um” if done with a traditional Hindi/Sanksrit accent. I will be experimenting with this, and already the results are pretty mind blowing.

Such as?

I hate repetition, so I could never possibly have the patience to do this because I would kill someone out of boredom.

Post results as they come, please.