Super Blood Moon Sword of Azazel Ritual Question?

I saw JS Garret Ritual with his symbol does this bind me like the sword of azazel ritual or is it somewhat of an initiation into the Watcherя teaching me and guiding me I do not like being bound. And Belial is Calling me again first before Azazel, I don’t want to do something I am not ready for. Sorry if I sound like a pussy but I am not as reckless as I was I got my ass kicked.

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:thinking: the intent is “I seek the wisdom of sorcery”. So in my opinion its an access to the current and it’s knowledge. I don’t see any rules to this other than a permanent access to knowledge! :woman_shrugging:


Seconding Miku there. You’re not bound, but finding access to your own innate strength and weaponry.
You don’t have to use it once you know it’s there. You never have to pick up the sword. It might come in handy sometime though.