Sunday Experience ~. Gateways and possession

So, I’ve held off on posting this for a bit -mainly because I’m still partly figuring out what really happened…my mind’s been buzzing around at a million miles an hour and my senses were dialled to 11 for the entire ritual on Sunday. I was deliberating what exactly to do for Sunday, I considered black sun work with Bael and Belial but for reasons I won’t go into I decided against it, instead, I took advantage of the multitude of energy (of which there was a fricken LOT) to not only perform a gateway ritual but also to experience possession for the first time. First off, I’ll clarify some things:

° This was my FIRST possession, so it was in no way permanent.
° It was with a highly trusted spirit, whom I’ve worked with quite extensively before so there was no “what ifs” involved.
° By Gateway ritual I mean (with the help of said spirit) I bound a gateway to an object, created a “hole” in the veil to allow this spirit and his familiars/lesser spirits to cross over without need of evocation or observation.
° The Gateway is not yet “fully” functional, that will take a few more rituals to complete, but I harnessed the energy of everyone in the ritual (and the numerology and whatnot) to create the first part of the "hole"
° The spirit is no longer “with” me, and for personal reasons I can’t reveal the spirit with whom I worked. But he likes to stay well removed from the majority of other spirits and magicians, he’s the definition of a recluse lol

Anyway, onto the working.

I set the circle out with my altar facing south (the gateway and spirit has connections to fire/Flames). Since I would be evoking multiple spirits at once I got rid of the triangle and just set out an open censor to allow the spirits to materialise wherever they would. I set some shamanic drumming on in the background to help me focus ( this is the one I used, it’s my personal favourite) and I meditated for 5-10 minuets before I began (opening chakras and whatnot). As soon as the clock hit the ninth hour (9/9/9 seconds cause I’m funny like that ;)) I began the ritual. As a side note, it was actually the 10th hour here cause we’re on BST…Anyway, I began by concentrating some water in my chalice and sprinkling the water around my temple in Widershins (anti-clockwise) fashion, as I did so I verbally stated “with this water that I have cleansed myself I banish all remnants and traces of the energy of Yahweh and the old order. Let this area be cleansed in the name of the eternal.”

When I reached the south again I lit the charcoal and dumped a large amount of dragons blood resin on it, and also lit the candles around the circle. I got the sigil and opened it, letting the “rapture” come and go as it did, by this time the room was pretty filled with smoke so I began to look around and wait for the entity to arrive.
(Quick side note: When performing this ritual I took into account various pieces of advice from members of this forum, so I’m gonna name them as an when it’s appropriate, credit where credit is due after all :wink: I remembered something C.J. Lee said on another post of mine a few days ago about how, by calling other entities instead we were actually just substituting one desert God for another, which is a great point. I remembered this at this time, and finished the conjugation of the entity by calling it in my own name thereby usurping the first commandment of other gods (so: "I call thee forth in my own name ‘spirit’, by my own power and omnipotence and by my own will and the will of the eternal I call you into this temple etc). Needless to say, he came without delay.

The spirit already knew I desired possession and a gateway so we got to work immediately. We started with the gateway first. Eyes locked with the object that would soon become the gateway, I affirmed my intent that it was to be used as a gateway and that it could only be used by the spirit and those who are under his command, and began to structure the spirit inside the object. Once I intuitively knew the process was nearing completion We began the possession. I stood up and began asking the spirit to enter my body and invoke his energy on a more permanent basis, this began as a simple heaviness of air around me. There was then a feeling almost like electricity running through me on the surface of my skin, I could feel his power inside me. He then instructed me to step outside of the circle (interesting since I was using the Solomonic circle, which in hindsight wasn’t the best choice lol). I did so, and I allowed my body to relax and my limbs to do what they would, my arms began to levitate and move in circular formats almost like they were being directed for the ritual, I stepped forward and picked up the object and began speaking in tongues, as I did so I felt the air growing thicker and the gateway opening even more. I believe what he was doing was using my body and speech to perform some kind of opening ceremony.

When we had finished that, he spoke through me saying “Come Forth”, and at that moment the entire atmosphere exploded with a massive amount of energy and hundreds of spirits pored forth out of the gate. I’m not just talking a few here, they filled my temple up (and I couldn’t structure them all so I began astral seeing them instead which appeared to be boosted with this possession), but they were still coming. They filled the temple, the adjacent rooms and I even heard footsteps upstairs. I then looked out the window and saw the entire street filled with these new entities, they were standing along the streets in their hundreds and a few were even on the roofs of neighbouring houses, it was surreal to say the least.

Once they were here, we gave the command/affirmation “We have called you here in the name of the eternal, by the omnipotent force of Kyrstallah for the sole purpose of setting into motion a new world. The order and tyranny of Yahweh will come to an end, and with it, a new order shall rise, the order of the eternal. We ask that you set in motion the events that give rise to a change in global conciousness, set in motion the events that will change this world, that will burn away all that is not eternal and liberate the world from its chains”

There was a clear intuitive “yes” from this command. Some spirits began to disappear/disapate Into the world and others came into the temple and began to absorb into the new gateway. This went on for a good 5 minuets, until all that was left was me and the original entity. I thanked him for the help and asked that he leave my body (by this time I was tired as hell, a
Magickal fatigue hit me like a bus). He left my body without complaint and stood before me, and stated “there is one last ritual we must perform, if you desire, you can receive my priest hood and use my power”. Evidently, I agreed.

He instructed me to leave the circle once more and kneel in front of him. This was not a subjugation kneeling though, more of a practical and respect one, if anything I came away from the ritual that I now only bow to myself. I did so, and the spirit laid his hand on my head and spoke in the same language as before, I felt his energy flooding into me, like the possession before, only it seemed more conditioned to my body. Once the energy had stopped flowing I calmly but authoritivley stated “I accept your priesthood”. He stepped back and told me stand up, as I did I felt the energy surge through my body and settle. He told me to use the new power I had gained, so -him being a flame spirit, I sat down in front of the candles and stared into the flame. I heavily imprinted my will onto the flame and synchronised my breathing with the surging of the flame. In a single moment I surged the flame with a massive amount of energy and it surged up an enormous amount, growing twice its size. I then breathed the energy back in and the flame shark back down to normal. This would have shocked me normally, but I was in such a state that nothing really phased me, looking back on it it was exhilarating to say the least.

I thanked the spirit for its help and asked it to guard the gateway from intruders and ask the same of its followers, which he agreed. I then began to dismiss the spirit and he began to be absorbed into the gateway. His lasting statement I think can be applied to all those participated in the working:

“You know not the scale of the working that you have undertook, this ritual has been pushed from both sides for generations, your world is in a constant state of change, this collection of practitioners is one of such changes. The coming of this new age has been prophersized for centuries, however those in power have sort to keep it from you all in an attempt to keep their power. This is futile. You have evidently encountered obstacles and will continue to do so, but I remind you to look at what has been accomplished on this day, we have brought together thousands of people on either side of the veil and united them under a common cause without conflict, something our opposition has not been able to achieve. Stand strong, and spirit will be liberated from its chains. May the eternal rise from the ashes of Yahweh’s empire.”

On that note, the ritual was pretty much concluded, but I gave the gate way one last charge by cutting my arm and dropping blood onto it. I then re-concentrated the water, banished residual energies (deliberately avoiding the gateway) and recited the banishing incantation from kingdoms of Flame. I then went and made a burger cause I was starving -and I think I fell asleep afterward too lol. I still felt the presence of his energy for a day or so afterwards, so i held off on posting this until I was back to normal (even now I feel noticably more powerful). I stored the gate in a safe place and did a much much smaller opening ritual at the 11th hour after midday too to re-enforce it, and now there is a constant presence in the room where its stored, however as off now I think it’s bound to that room or it’s not strong enough to go too far way from the gate yet since it isn’t fully open, I’ll be fixing that soon.

All in all, a successful working on my part, hope everyone else’s went well! Shout out to Adam for giving some really helpful info on gateways in an earlier post, and shoutout to Eva for organising this working on here and bringing us together.


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Wow, that sounds absolutely intense, dude. I’ve never had something so intense happen to me (yet), but then again I can’t even have my fill up with smoke or the fire alarm will go off thanks to my apartment’s set up haha!

I, sadly, forgot about the mass Sunday ritual last night. But, as I was doing my nightly meditations I was visited by an old entity that I had worked with. His presence literally made me feel twice as heavy and pushed me down deeper and deeper into my chair until I felt my being, soul, spirit, or something rise up and view me from above. In an almost taunting manner, in my mind’s eye I saw the entity walking around me and saying things such as “So you decided to come back, after running away yet again. I am always here with you, but you need to be more disciplined.” I felt this incredible rush of energy building up in me as this communication went on, the entity eventually mentioning that a giant mass of rituals was going on at the time and then, in a mocking manner, told me “It is such a shame you don’t have everything you need to properly participate in it” followed by a chuckle.

I then saw the entity sink it’s long fingers/claws into my back and it’s horns stretch and grow down from the back of it’s head to it’s feet. It welcomed me back into “the game” as it/he/whatever called it and I was soon after shaken out of the meditaiton and brought back into reality. I then got more work done in 2 hours then I had in the previous 8.

That is just my experience of what happened to me last night, but yours is absolutely amazing. I can only imagine what it must have been like to see spirits flooding out of the gateway and amassing on the streets outside and on rooftops. That is truly incredible. I wish you the best with what you and the entity have in store to move forward with.

From what I’ve seen, even the tiniest ritual/interaction at the time of the ritual would have had an effect. The very fact that you interacted with an entity other than Yahweh is significant enough to have an effect in my opinion. Every little bit helps after all :wink:

That is awesome! As soon as I have time to give this the detailed response it deserves I can provide definite shared experience on a couple of points. Just wanted to say beforehand, great account and thanks for taking the time to share it!

nice, wish i could have participated but i have a few things i need to get done as set has challenged me, for what i do not yet know.

Awesome ritual Azael! Thank you for sharing, so much in that echoes my own experiences.

I’d say “it’s uncanny” - but hey, that’s what we do! :smiley:

Plenty left for everyone, plenty of work and summonings, veils to be torn and - above all, as Azael says - personal empowerment to be had, this isn’t just “meet the new boss, slightly better than the old boss” - this is about theogenesis! :slight_smile: