Sunbathing and light filtration

The angel deggal revealed to me last year that humans are a light filtering being. As I look at the array of the spiritual practices I’m into many of them revolve around collecting light then purifying or harmonizing our electro chemical pulse at the chakra points. I’ve looked into the practice of Sun gazing as taught by HRM and believe there is something worthwhile in the practice. It is vampirism of the Sun. Add to this the practice of sunbathing. But not in the mindless sense. Lay out and let the Sun light penetrate your skin. It’s hitting your light body as well. Absorb the light into your spirit by performing the invocation of omnipotence as given by EA in Evoking Eternity. From there harmonize this light through your chakras. See my discussion about scale tones to vibrate in the demonic kings thread. Then boom, you’ll have a massive store of energy to use in ritual. Hope this helps you out.


I like to do something similar to this in the winter and spring months. I like to sit outside in the Lotus position and feel the sun hitting the top of my head/crown chakra and visualize the energy flowing down into the different zones of the body. I always feel especially powerful after performing this. I would do it year round but living in Georgia it’s not quite the same when your scalp is baking at 110 and 50% humidity lol.

I’ve thought about experimenting with this concept during a full moon to see the effects. I find myself very attracted to the moon and stars and will often sit outside on my lunch break at work to watch the stars or scry the moon in its different phases.

I had a Wiccan friend tell me about catching a moonbeam ritual a few years ago, I think there is something to it. It’s the same technique I would use for drawing down the light, but focused standing directly in a moon beam.

The HRM sungazing method works as well. Even more powerfully than moon gazing though. Stand outside within the first 45 minutes of sunlight, or the last 45 minutes. There are no UV rays at this time, so it’s safe to stare directly at the sun! Do so without blinking as long as you can take it. Visualize the light seeping into your core. I saw the sun turn into a large bright green eye once. It was pretty wicked for sure.

I feel ya about the spring and not the summer. I’m in Dallas, and contrary to popular belief it’s not a dry heat in the summer. Temps over 100 heat index in the 114’s. Fucking sucks. But I go outside anyway. Fuck it.

Zach, can I ask you what the 555 represents at the end of your OP? I’ve been catching sight of this number near daily or more for the last month or more. It’s uncanny how often I see it. I enjoyed the post btw.

That number has a lot of personal significance to me. Regarding birthdays, pentagrams, foot ball jersey numbers, star blocks in martial arts, and favorite scale and chord progressions. I find new meanings in that number everyday. It was also a way of saying I’m neither good nor evil a play off of the 777/666. I make my own decisions, form my own alliances and write my own moral code. I can just as easily be swayed to bless or curse, be malevolent or downright baneful. It’s not half evil like 333 it’s completely neutral, but active. I’m rambling a bit because I’m buzzed. But that’s kind of my take on 555. I’ve designed a family seal with those numbers, my last name and the left handed pentagram.

Nice! Thanks for that explanation(rambling appreciated :P)
I like the neutral, yet, active philosophical standpoint. I resonate with that very much. If you ever feel like posting your family seal design, that’d be cool to see but I understand if it’s personal. You have explained that it has personal significance to you but in my case it doesn’t, so it’s just wtf? Perhaps it does have personal significance but I’m just not yet seeing it. Either way, thanks for the response.

In relation to the sunbathing technique, I have tried this numerous times and it works great. For me, there seemed to be a time period of around 20-25 minutes where the beneficial effects would reach their peak. I’m not sure if that is the same for everyone else. Also I found that absorbing that Sun energy through the solar plexus and naval chakras, bare skinned to be absolutely sublime and the key for me was not to try too hard. I must try this Sun gazing technique. Sounds powerful.

This really sounds great and relaxing, and if it empower you…waw…

Like waking up early at the weekend and making this and then go for a day of rituals empowered.

I will try it this weekend!