Sumon salos for a ex friend

So i dnt see tis tajikistan grl.for year,/ 5 months,so i summon salos whit the sumon spirt chant from the newsletter,the one whit the 4 chants,i trow evwrtnhg,a wensday,nght.well,2 wka later,in bank,beside me,in the teller window,she stare on me,but dnt talk.i saw her,but i play bussy,my cashier was slow,she paas me,and live,i tnk of salos,he realy delivered,i was not talking to tat grl,i feel used,.but the chant did work.

sallos seems to work for a lot of peopleā€¦ :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me i have try evetnghing and sallos work yes,it was proved,i tdy santerya,wicca,etc,satanik,but it wodks.ciao.