Summonning of bath spirit e.g Bannik

Regarding Slavish mythology there is a
spirit who lives in bathroom. This spirit
knows secrets of people, can predict
future, to swap curses and many other
things. This is a rite which summons him.

You need to go to take bath after sunset and the bath to be warmer. You need to warm yourself good.
After that you need to spread your whole body with honey and to say the following incantation:

“Erema, Erema. As you are fierced you are righteous, as you mighty you are gentle.
Clean from me everything black, everything sick and dirty, everything rotten and lean.
Let everithing to go to earth and to my enemies. Lest they are cursed. My words are
powerfull. Amin.”

After that you need to pour a bucket of cold water on yourself and to say the following:

“As with the water cold I clean everything alluvial and inappropriate let no more curse,
or oath, nor any blackness come to me. Let the god himself keep me. Amin.”

E.g: Erema is part of unclean power - beses but he can be very beneficial for a warlock.


This is so cool! From one Slav to another, thank you!

Slava Bogum


Do you clean off the honey while in the warm water, or do you have to do a bit of post-ritual cleanup to get it off?


Good spell I will try it out…

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