Summonings with a mirror - experience & discussion

Dear All,

I read a lot around the last days and I am very interested to get your opinions about summoning with a mirror. For me it was successful and became the most comfortable way during the last years.
My mirror is 40cm and has around it some floral waved metal patterns. On the backside i inscribed some moon glyphs and the Algiez rune. It was consecrated at a black moon night. Its hidden in a closet if I don’t use it - wrapped in a black velvet blanket.
When I take it out, two black candles are at both sides.
It always starts with some kind of fog at the mirror as long as I stare into it. After it I see some skull faces into mine until its changing and different persons appear - disappear until the entity comes, that I call for. I remember the first time very well, I called Belial with it. During seeing all these faces and persons my heart bumped, I got goosebumps all over my body until he came.

I saw him as a middle-aged man, extremely beautiful with a bit curled, hazelnut dark hair to the shoulder, very intense blue eyes and wearing a white linen shirt. On the one hand I was stunning about this beauty on the other hand I felt these huge power, like an earthquake. And I started to smell the wet earth of a forest, like when rain stopped.
We didn’t talk like normal talking, while I was thinking, telling him that I want him to guide me, he showed me with nodding his ok with it. The communication was very - lets say easy going but we understood each other. One part of me was scared, the other one curious and happy. Later he let me know, that the first part of mirror work - the fog, the people, the skulls - scares many magicians away so they are not ready for this kind of workings. During the last years I summoned with the mirror many demons but always one at once.

I think about to work with Belial, Luzifer and Asmoday or Azazel at once, so I want to summon them at the same time with the mirror.
Did anyone try this before? What do you think could be helpful?

Thanks in advance and kind regards


I haven’t used any other mirror beside my black one which I have for scrying, but I plan to in the next few months. I’d liked to know how it would go if you try to summon all 4 but in 4 different mirrors. Would be like a party :smiley:

Hi Silent,

I want to summon three at once in one mirror, that´s the point. Party seems to be the perfect word for it xD That´s why I opened this topic in addition to mirror magic experiences. I think bell and Lucifer will fit together, I made some evocations with both together in the past. But never with the mirror.

And I am not sure now if I should “invite” Azazel or Astaroth to this “party”. It needs to fit or my ass will get punished for this :smiley:

kind regards

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It can be done. I’ve invoked 8 at once. Belial, Lucifer, king Paimon, king Neptine, Asmodeus, Lilith and Satan. Intense, but can be done.


Dear A.Lucifer

Did you summon one by one or did you create an evocation with all at once? I would combine them to all at once.

How was your experience with it beside the intense feeling during it?

Kind regards

I did it one by one till they were all in me. It was an invocation. :metal:

This sounds interesting. About to try thisnin my bathroom. :metal:

Wish there was a way I could video this. Summoning using a mirror is awesome. I did it in my bathroom. Lights off. About to do the azazel mantra like this.