Summonings different in nature, but common in specialty and goal Entities

I’m currently working on a ritual where the main goal is wealth, financial prosperity and abundence.
My choice about Entites are following: Belial, Lucifuge Rofocale, Sandalphon, Bariel and Mammon.
But I don’t know how the nature of the Spirits (some are Celestials some Infernals) affects the final result.
Has somebody made something similiar and can share its obserwations and opinions?
For example summoning Ancient Gods and Angels/Demons or for example Thoughtforms/Egregoires or Elementals and for example Archangels or Fallen Angels etc.

Well a variety of currents from my understanding can empower the shared function of the entities of those channels, healing for example I’ve noticed to empower my rituals because I think they hold different energetic signatures with different geometrical patterns

So in theory since the universe is geometrical, merging the geometrical signatures/energy currents of different entities and their realms whether it be fae, celestial or infernal, I believe it would open a doorway for more profound healing or whatever goal due using more of the geometrical puzzle pieces in the universe that make up full spectrum reality

In more simpler terms when you summon entities from different energy currents you can complete the totality of the factors that make up the fabric of the universe for your personal creation, that’s why I usually work with a variety of entities in my works and my rituals are always on point