Hey everyone, I’ve read many threads about this but I just wanted to make sure of some things…

I was thinking of summoning a spirit to get my ex baxk. I have read E.A. Article on oppening sigils but I was wondering a few other things…

1 is it best to do a summoning at night?
2 should I leave an offering or promise Something in return?
3 is making a pact with a certain spirit more effective
4 would it be better to summon one or multiple spirits?
5 How do they exactly work? can I ask a spirit to work fast?

The situation is that I am trying to get back with my ex. I do have some people helping me and I have cast some spells and I know that it takes time for it to start having effect (I think the rule of thumb is to wait a moon cycle) anyway i was thinking of summoning azazel or amon I heard a lot of success stories with them

My situation is extremely bad. I havnt talked to my ex in a month, he has full on pure hatred for me (which does not come naturaly to him)

Does anyone have any recommendations…is there a better spirit, and may I know which one can help me the fastest?

thank you!


or Prince Seere, giving the task of speed up the casted spells.
There are both day and night entities; the best thing to do is to minimize the light (and the sounds) save for that of candles and, in case, of an appropriately colored light, attenuated with cardboard or another mean.
E.A. says that the Spirits are power and their reward is accomplishing their tasks (there is a similar explanation in Tomekeeper’s direct magick website), but you may offer a candle or incense that you light; or a bit of food, leaving it until the first signs of stale.

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It doesn’t really matter. I like to most of my work at night, but that’s mainly because it ensures privacy ( especially if I do a ritual outside ).
Some people believe rituals are more effective when performed at 3am, but you’d have to read around and make your own mind up there.

I would, yes. You’re asking for assistance so it’s only right to pay them. As you develop a friendship or come to serve a particular spirit, they may no longer ask anything more of you, but this is usually because they’re doing you a favour or you’re serving them in some other way already.

Think of pacts like a business contract. You’re hiring someone/ entering into an agreement with them, under the condition that you both uphold your end of the agreed contract.
From this perspective, any agreement with a spirit can be thought of like a pact. The only real variables are how long the agreement lasts for and what the conditions are.
So, yes. Pacts are the route to go.

That’s depends on what hurdles you have to overcome ( both within yourself, the world around you and your target ).

Magic is magic, at the end of the day. It is channelled will that creates an imbalance, which in turn creates changes in the world. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a spirit or person casting; the process is the same. ( There are a few exceptions, such as possessions and some aura work, but they’re very much the exception ).
Worrying about time is the wrong frame of mind to have. Think of it like this; the ritual has been cast; so therefore it’s worked; meaning that I’ve already got what I want; so there’s nothing to worry about.
You should read this thread:

You can so apply this style of thinking to explain why we may feel as though we should do more rituals ( because we’re worried the magic didn’t work ) even though it’s about to manifest very powerfully.

Read this too: ( specifically the section on obsession jars )

Thank you for your responses I am going to try and summon amon tonight :slight_smile:

if any advice greatly appreciated if not totally understand :slight_smile:

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