Can you summon two entities at the same time? For instance, call on two kings from the infernal simultaneously, for tasks related to each other?

Try for yourself and see what happens :wink:
But I would say yes for sure! Just need the energetic space to hold them.


Working with a specific book, I called on 5 different spirits at the same time, and it was powerful, but it was all for one thing. Although, working with another book, I called on 12 different Genii of the 12 Hours at the same time, each for a different thing, and it was also powerful. So, yes, you can summon two entities at the same time.

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Mmm I don’t think you should. Because you need to treat them special like foreign royalty when they answer your summons. An evocation creates a forbidden bridge between the magician and the spirit. It allows communion between man and spirit.
No in my opinion it would be a mistake to try to conjure more than one spirit at a time. Further the spirits have complex relationships with each other and theres no way to know if the two spirits in question are currently friendly with one another.

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I’m a bit confused now coz there seems to be different opinions.
Thank you Mike.

Your welcome and that’s just my opinion and I’m Abit of a Solomonic purist. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some alternative ways to go about it. I’d just worry for you if you tried that without someone giving you the caveat first.


I once summoned Lilith, Satan and others at the same time

In most of the rituals I have done that involved spirits, I called on multiple spirits. So there is no issue in it per se. Although I agree that it may be best to have an idea of how these spirits work together beforehand, as I find each spirit has a different style in which they work.

Well now I could see a lilith and satan combo working well


Good to know I’m glad you shared that with me thats a valuable bit of knowledge.

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This is why I’m already enjoying this forum. There are some serious magi here.


I was planning on calling Belial and Asmodeus simultaneously. For some reason I thought they wouldn’t mind. You know, since they both are kings.

Of course you can. EA Koetting covers multiple evocations in his treatise on evocation, Evoking Eternity. It is not disrespectful at all, and many people here have done it successfully.

You can even evoke a demon and an angel together.


I evoked Marbas and Raphael to heal a pet. You definitely can, try it out!

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Yes you “can.” But if you’re asking, you probably should not.

Edit: @alicia92, sometimes it’s actually a poor choice to call on two spirits for the same thing because their energies can conflict. Generally, if you’re seeking knowledge that’s a much better time to call on more than one. If the tasks are separate, it’s best to pick one so they don’t conflict is my personal view unless you’ve worked with both spirits and are experienced in what you’re trying to achieve and have made sure with them that having another energy won’t be a problem.

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So important! Some people don’t understand the energy upheaval that happens with some of this stuff. King Paimon for example and Set/h in my experience have been super intense but of course there are others who really feel their energetic space compressed with other spirits.

Might be worth a shot. Seriously I’m interested in how the operation would be performed and what the outcome would be. Keep me posted.

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I agree with that.