Summoning the undeads

Do some of you know methods how to summon the undead? With undead I mean people who have immortalized their ego.


Two options.
You may have a name and a sigil, that’s usefull.

You may also do "blind " rituals of communion by calling any Undead spirit . A sacrifice of bloodessence is often a condition, this can be done by pushing it out of your body with the support of your breath, some prefer sexual magick or blood sacrifice.


It’s just any undead spirit. I have a Luciferian Triangle of Manifestation.

Undeads rarely appears in triangle, they aren’t archetypes.
They appear willingly or not.

Put true will into your ritual, and sacrifice as much as you can we you feel their presence in the room.

But how do I contact the undead when I have no sigil and name?

My question would be why you want to without a name or sigil?

If you have an existing relationship with someone like Hel, Nergal, or similar, you can ask them for a signature and use that signatures in place of the name and sigil.

What is that? I’ve never heard about it.

Are Her and Nergal people who immortalize their ego?

I don’t know. Why not ask them and find out? They could likely point you in the right direction, so you’re not going in blind.

Blindly. By calling “any adept of the past who have achieved Undeath, to manifest”.
You can also focus on general names like Akhakharu or Strigoi.

I will look into that.