Summoning The Dark Ones (Do NOT Use)

I was using this since I started working with Azazel. It was inspired. I used Azazel’s name only.
What could this mean? Should I continue to use it?

If you’re using it to summon azazel only, then you’re fine.

Is this why you should only work with one? Because the four at once would screw you with so much impact?

No. If you pay attention to that ritual, the “dark ones” are NOT the gatekeepers. You call the gatekeepers mainly as an opening ritual before calling The Others… who do not have names, nor do they have faces. You’ll just want to leave them alone for the most part…

They outside the Creation, both trees?

That is right.
I thought that because working with the 4 kings at once has many impact.

After reading again, that text pulled my attention.
Also that second incantation of power.

In your experience within sinister Vampirism would you say these entities are The Undead Gods? I’ve done many invocations and continuous work with Them yet they take no real stable form. Just darkness and hate roaming the temple.