Summoning the Archangel of death Azrael - Help please

As far as my experience goes, they are nothing alike or even have the same attributes. I highly believe that what we call Azrael is a “death” force (concept) that has been actualized in astral form by immense power through worship, much like Santisima Muerte. Now the Angelic part for myself I am not that sure, but deff has influence in some cases.


I can’t say much About Azrael, i guess,
He just came to me some day,
basically huged me (that’s the closest reference i can give.)
and somehow merged with me.

I had a friend mention him,
as we talked about personal demon and HGA concepts.

Azrael never did anything to harm me tho,
it’s rather like he protects me.

I’d count him towards those spirits which don’t communicate verbally with me.
He’s like just there, taking care i continue on my path.
I’m sorry, i know that sounds strange for a Death Angel,
but it’s just what i expierience.




She is not death… She receives the dead and she’s learning how to be that kindness you would hope to see when you get passed through to her


I think of her as a spirit with death aspects because she doesn’t just receive the dead she has a great connection to death and helps with necromancy aswell