Summoning Satan my method and its resulting rituals

Ok so a little background before I share I was vid chatting with a a couple friends and we were talking about sommoning satan because I live in the Midwest and every time i tried to get a little peace and quiet around non magic family members I would always hear dogmatic bul about the devil from my family members as I began to understand how mentally screwed all of my mystical friends were by the same shit I decided WTF and began chanting I was expecting a man in a suit with a bunch of scrolls to pop up but as I evoked him the room darkening the fear in the house from Christian family helping him manifest and as I look back things have drastically been altered until I recovered this ritual

Dug from both the akashic and my personal channeling I’ve been guided to share this one is a chant to empower the godself and with mr.koettings research covering the dark elders pathwork I’ve been told to release and watch the anomaly months later I got a call from a few mystical friends in Africa being led to ask me for a chant and ritual because they needed help from the elder and this chant is in the infernal tongue as the empire expands he saw expansion and so for those called to seek help in mind blowing ways recite this chant 7 times whenever you feel down depressed angry be warned it does drain energy quite a bit but it regenerates as you sleep the ritual is for the warriors who desire new armor weapons and powers to smack down many angelic beings and even gods

The ritual only needs to be performed once however elder specifically said only those truly bloodthirsty should perform the ritual the energy will be intensified if both are performed at the same time

Tohimasen pramasol libasanika shaventi lamentir tramalikareth jovwanek lekesi jomoihiyata remvolok tesorecto mijonakai repesik varekmuso 7x

Rite of the morning sun a ritual to swear ones service and soul to the infernal lords
Requires black candle yellow candle green candle purple candle obsidian quartz blood a written declaration of service and your name
Sealing words pontrikit vaerasol misoldu praseni entozomar lezomir resemik lemasuri falkalaear vensotaer igwafenash
Casting fill a small bowl with water add 6 drops of blood place the purple candle in the East black in the north green in the west yellow in the south light the candles speak I stand before the lord of riots war chaos and carnage I your name pledge my undying loyalty to your infernal city may I rise as a god among men and be able to crush all who stand in your way by the bonds of blood ether and soul I seal this upon myself eternally in your name and speak your sacred tongue recite the words 9x write your name on the paper and what you wish to have most in life anoint the paper with your blood and burn it this completes the ritual

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