Summoning Raomun:secret inside grey cloak

Just to note that in the topic of Mastering Evocation i put an theme “Evoking Alchemy” that is a kind of experiment of working with entity called Raomun that is an guide spirit to alchemy of iner and outer self.I think that participating in that experiment could be of help to new practicioners for getting self confidence and really have talk with another magicians about summoning one spirit and how evocation is manifested on diffrent individuals and what sort of experience they have that can make your communication with spirits better.This spirit have an secret that he is hiddeng and the goal is to have that revealed, you can keep that secret to your self or instead share that secret with all people on the forum.It is your to find out, i know the secret and i hope you will know it too.For all you who are interested just post a comment on that topic or contact me wia pm or mail :slight_smile: