Summoning Question

I have recently started working with Sallos, of whom I have felt the presence of

For around two weeks prior to this, I was working with Dantalion - I promised him rewards upon fulfilling my request, however in a fit of anger, I wiped away his sigil from the mirror I was utilising, that I had sealed with my blood, and soon after began working with Sallos, promising him the same thing

My question is this - Will my request to Sallos be ignored, as I have previously asked Dantalion the same thing, with the same reward, or did dispelling the sigil cut our deal?

It is possible your request to Sallos could be ignored, yes.

Acting as you did with Dantalion was a breaking of your agreement with him in a fit of pique, and spirits don’t generally take that lightly. If you behave that way every time things don’t go your way, or don’t happen fast enough for your liking, no spirit will want to work with you, as word gets around, and the worst reputation you can have is as an oath-breaker.

My advice would be to contact Dantalion, and apologise. Let him know you value his help and that you acted irrationally. He will understand.


Okay, this is interesting - Should I contact him as I did before, or as I do now?

Also, am I right to contact two spirits in one night?

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You can contact as many spirits in one night as you can handle.

However you usually contact a spirit will work fine. You can simply open his seal and speak to him as well.

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This is really helpful advice, thank you!

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This was going to be around what I would have mentioned. Your/OP’s reputation with one spirit gets around to other spirits, making them more or less likely to work with OP.

OP I might suggest apologizing to Dantalion, a sincere apology. That might help.

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This is real serious man. You need to follow @DarkestKnight advice about making amends and apologizing immediately.

What would be the best way to apologise?

Should I contact him immediately, with an offering of cognac perhaps?

I cant imagine I will need to sign his sigil with my blood, but I intend on apologise purely and honestly

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Use cognac tobacco and incense and a public apology. Do this on the members thanking spirits thread.

Just tell him that you behaved childishly and that you’re sorry. Offer the gifts to him and ask him to accept your apology and to start again if you want.

Dantalion is a very sensitive spirit and probably has hurt feelings now.



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Not to mention, it’s a good way to become crossed.
Reminds me of this post in which someone became crossed through breaking a vow made to Jesus:

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Would be a bit of an odd and oddly human reaction from a spirit that is at least thousands of years old. But either way, breaking vows is bad for business, as it shows your lack of sincerity.

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I’ll be honest that’s just my UPG. I know Duke Dantalion to be clever, secretive, sensetive and shy. But again that’s just UPG.

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Okay great, I can do this

Thank you very much - I will apologise before my nightly ritual with Sallos

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Good luck and please treat the spirits with courtesy in the future. This is for your sake and the sake of your practice.

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