Summoning Phoenix aka Phenex to our world (advices, tips for newbies)?

I heard that Phoenix can grant any wish, so I want to summon him to physical form, because I have something thats urgent. I really want to make te be manifested in this reality. What should I be focused on?

My astral senses are just low, yet I can feel small temperature differences and small air flows. I had few dreams with the Entities, but I hardly remember dreams. I have no problem with E.A.Koetting’s gazing sigil method. Any advice from someone who worked with Him will be great.

Sounds like you need to work on your senses if you have any hopes of summing into a physical form, it doesn’t usually just happen without development of the senses first.


Not quite sure about summoning him to physical form. Maybe it’s just my few years of experience, but I don’t think you’d need such to have a successful working with a spirit. Usually I just suddenly see glimpses of them in my mind’s eye/vision (at times there’s not even a form, just a specific ball of light or color), along with definitive synchronicities. Done right, the working is just as effective.

This one:

In addition to continuous practice of that, also immersing yourself and “interacting” with the spirit already before the actual working makes things easier. Could be done through the usual sigil meditation + enn, but also through drawing the spirit’s sigil, meditating and divining what the spirit is like to get a feel of his/her energy, at times even just deeply reading and researching about them—at least IME anyway.

I only had one experience of him appearing as a burning fire resembling that of a phoenix flying out of this old book, so I can’t offer any info other than he seemed well-mannered and more polite than other spirits I’ve interacted with, and is also quite easy to call on. However, maintaining his attention/interest is another matter, as he seems to disappear as fast as he has appeared when he perceives there is no important task at hand (or maybe we just didn’t vibe lol). He also seemed very drawn to songs and poems, especially if you recite/sing them aloud. I recall the times before calling him, I was suddenly drawn to read and recite lots of poems, and all in my mind’s eye, I could see a little boy wearing old-fashioned clothes dancing in glee each time I did so.

@pirosintecken might have more fitting advice for you as I recall him/her posting about being taught/motivated by Phenex.


e also seemed very drawn to songs and poems, especially if you recite/sing them aloud. I recall the times before calling him, I was suddenly drawn to read and recite lots of poems, and all in my mind’s eye,

What songs and poems? Can you give me an example?

There’s probably lots of people out there that could tell you more about Phenex than me, but I’ll do my best.

Don’t worry about it if you can’t get a full physical apparition of him, he’s still very nice and helpful. Music, poetry, pink roses, and jasmine incense are all things he likes, he might like pink carnations too but I haven’t tried offering him any yet. Pink and purple are colours he likes. By his rank, he’s associated to the Moon, but he has a personal association to Venus, so Friday nights are a good time to work with him.

He can do a lot of nice things, he’s also great to call when your energy levels are low and you need a boost, he’s a great motivator to have especially when you’re making improvements in your life.


Thank you for sharing this info with the OP! TBH I’m taking notes myself lol, just in case I feel drawn to call on him again. :slight_smile:

Apologies for the late response, OP. As soon as I saw your question, I tried my best to find the exact high school book I memorized the poems from so I could just take pictures of it, since my brief interaction with Phenex was around 2014/high school year, and presenting a form of literary arts was one of the final requirements for that particular school subject. Unfortunately, I think it’s one of those school books I’ve given away to younger students since I had to move residences. So here’s an online link instead to those poems: .

While he seemed to like all of those (I practiced them all then because I was trying to choose what to present), I received the strongest response for “Mi Ultimo Adios” and “Our Mother Tongue”. Keep in mind though, that since this particular school subject is for our native language,(Filipino subject), those poems were originally presented in Filipino/Tagalog as well. While I tried to find good English translations for those, looking back, I think it’s not the actual poems themselves, but more of the flair and emotions to it, you know? He seemed to respond well to that, not to mention the writer of those poems (my country’s national hero, Jose Rizal) is known for quite the flamboyant and dramatic style of writing (though if you’d notice, it’s mostly in a patriotic kind of way).

I also took a look at my old 2013-2014 journal and found another additional information: he also seemed to like when another classmate did a dramatic reading of certain scenes/lines from another well-known Filipino epic poem titled, “Ibong Adarna (The Adarna Bird)”:

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