Summoning Of The Dark Ones (Do NOT Use): Well I just used it 😂

So you know that incantation EA lists in his Evocation workbook to not use? Well i used it just now.

I felt the spirits come and it was Alot of them. Azazel, Amaymon, Belial, and Abaddon among others.

Some baby wasp materialized outta no where stung me on my left forearm. The lights flickered and i felt fire flow through my veins for a sec before fading away.

Not sure what the wasp had to do with it, but i feel like im on edge. A weird kind of edge/high. Almost like Adrenaline…

The site where i got stung burns a bit but past that nothing negative.

Attack of The Demon Wasp Maybe? :joy:
Im intrigued to see how else the rite manifests


Question if it’s not supposed to be used why’s it here?


Thats the exact same thing I wondered bro lol
He never answered why even on here


I always assumed it was “Do Not Use” until you are more experienced because the evocation course is based on the assumption that you know nothing and is designed to take you from the A to Z of evocation.


I always assumed it was black magician speak for Fuck yeah! Totally use it bro! otherwise he wouldn’t have added it in the first place, but i might be wrong about that. :thinking:

Meh, too late to worry about that now for the both of us i guess. :man_shrugging::smiling_imp:


Lololol ikr @charles9 :joy:


Yes! You described exactly how I’ve been feeling lately!
But I’m interested to see where else this goes with you. Keep us updated!


I will @rin
So far my heart has started racing a tad. And yes i looked up wasp sting symptoms and none pf that shit lines up lol

It feels like Anxiety but its off and on


Yea I know what you mean. It’s like when my body tries to fight the feeling I get anxious. But when I just completely surrender to it it feels like I’m on fire… I could hold my hands a good 5 inches away from my face and it radiates heat like if I had some sort of fever. Then instead of anxiety I get this weird sensation that just makes me want to moan. It’s not like a sexual pleasure but it’s some kind of pleasure idk.
Let me know if you feel any of that.


When I did the chakra removal experiment, I had a flood of energy followed by anxiety off and on the next day. Never figured out what that meant.

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So apparently I have this unnaturally non chalant energy around me. Its Evil. Literally.

Im use to it cause i did something with another spirit to be the Embodiment of Evil itself. It seems he has returned.

I literally dont give a fuck about anything or anyone right now. Where as normal me would be all lovey dovey and shit, this me is totally 180 degrees the opposite.

You could cut off your arm in front of me and i would be like:
“Ok, and?”


I just read it aloud, then said the Demonic pacts line and summoning powers paragraph.
So I will see what happens.

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well, i said the incantation and when they appeared the whole class fell silent, the room felt like we were a new atlas getting used to the weight of the Earth. Some people said they heard voices while i was making the pact, and a few passed out from the pressure. It was so intense i about passed out myself. I spoke with pride and purpose, and i told them the conditions to my pact.

  1. During the duration do not injure, kill, or mess with any person unless it co-aligns with what i wish.
  2. To “turn hell into heaven” so to speak. Where my life gets fixed as long as it aligns with my goals.
  3. to increase my accuracy in divination, evocation, and magick.
  4. To give me the knowledge for any magickal system and culture i want to trek.
  5. to basically help me become a god in my own right.

These conditions were accepted and they stated their conditions

  1. To start daily meditation, and get to a point where I can instantly get into any state
  2. evoke one or more deities every day
  3. to continue preaching the truth
  4. to focus on myself and my goals
  5. to practice soul travel, divination, evocation, and magick every day
  6. to allow one of my choosing to possess me partially, in order to deal with any external conflict and to view my life in first-person.

I agreed and they told me to sign a paper that randomly appeared in my astral sight, and a pen manifested as well, and to sign it using my astral hand.

Keep in mind that this was in a full classroom, during class, and people were staring, watching me communicate with these entities while hearing their responses, or that’s what i heard after i let them leave. I held lucifer and i asked him why it was such a big deal and why i was told NOT to do the ritual. he said: " We are many, we are pure power. We bring along our spirits as well, and the reason why is not because you shouldn’t do it entirely. It’s because most young magicians cannot handle this massive amount of power. All they really know is what it feels to summon one or two of us and maybe put part of us in a box, handle a few legions at best and how to scry and see us. But we bring everything to the table with this. After all, when you called us you said to make you a god. That is a lot of energy."

I’m going to do the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram to rid myself of all this astral residue. crazy fucking experience.


I too have done this many times.

The “Do not use”, seems to be a test of some sort. Seeing if you have the courage and the will to so.

It’s a great incantation, the experience of using it is surely incredible.


It’s a simple incantation as well, really enforcing the idea of a test. yeah I was winded as soon as they came in the room.

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:rofl: lol I went looking for the pdf! Must try it when am stronger!

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Yeah just be careful, might be too much power.

The “Do not use”, is a goad, to make people more likely to go ahead and do it. He says as much in his videos.

I think he really wants it repeated and he’s banking on it being in Black Magicians nature especially to want to use it more because of his saying that. He’s working his own magik on the reader, in a Granny Weatherwax headology sort of way.

I’m quite interested in why though. Maybe because if someone will actually do only one incantation to do in the whole book, it’ll be that one.


Can anyone tell me in which book of koetting is this incantation ??

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It’s not in any of his published works. The only source I am aware of is the workbook from the evocation course.