"Summoning Of All Magickal Powers" Incantation Art

Nice work!!

I finally tried the ‘summoning of all magical powers’ conjuration and here’s what happened.

After about the 5th repetition, I got an impression of energy rising up my stomach through to my chest (it looked like red lava). As I continued, raw energy started to generate within me and on one repetition of the verse, I shouted it out as I felt so much energy building within me. I did 25 rounds of this atonement and it seemed like I was full of lifeforce (Prana) energy. It was an amazing effect that lasted a good 50 minutes. Over this period I felt very strong, physical and in good spirits throughout.

I get a similar but subtler effect whenever I do the ritual of omnipotence from evoking eternity as it makes you feel full of belief and positive thought. This conjuration of magical power will therefore act as a great dynamo to initiate any ritual before the main work gets underway.

I had similar experience once after taking a heavy dose of shrooms. At first it was very unpleasant and I was practically praying for the trip to end. After a while I was very Zen about the whole thing and just “went with it” and enjoyed the show!

In the mastering evocation workbook, is gives a list of the 4 incantations. What is the incantation for summoning the Dark ones? Like the purpose of it, what it is meant for.


I’ve always been incredibly interested in that specific incantation (among the 4 incantations of limitless power)

“Itz rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu
Itz ranta mant kala mant atzu belt tazu
Vaskalla itz rachu kantantu velchatza”

Can anyone share any good examples of use for this incantation?

I typically use it to invoke omnipotence before a ritual. I also say it when I’m out and about, on a daily basis, just to affirm my Godhood.

I suspect, however, that it has a lot more uses that I cannot yet fathom. Thus, I’d like to know if anyone has some good ideas of ways I can put this incredibly powerful oration to work for me!

Haven’t used it yet but I am very grateful! And feel I should share a small vocalization I’ve used to cause small changes in reality.

It is found in a .pdf of a book called “The Galdrabók: An Icelandic Grimoire”, by Stephen Flowers, and it follows as such:

You must pronounce out loud three times forward, and then three times backwards, but not before you have a strong focus on your wish.

Forwards: Sprend manns Hoc, flijde tuui boll

Backwards: Boll tuui flijde, Hoc manns Sprend

(Pronunciation guide / how it worked for me):

Sprend mans = Like in English ; Hoc = As in “ad hoc” expression, “h” is not silent, it is as in the word “hate” ; Flijde = I say it FLEEH-DEH (“h” as in the previous example) ; Tuui = TU-EE ; Boll = double “l” as in “llama”.

I am not versed in old norse languages mind you, but it felt right that way. Might of course feel otherwise for you, just gotta experiment.

Now, as for a veritable result: During my last year of university I was in a very bad situation. On my last test I had gotten a 0’5 mark (in a scale from 1 to 10, anything below 5 meaning you don’t pass), and I needed at least a 4’5 mark to benefit from a system that allows you to pass if that’s your last test and have passed all your others.

The system I talk about is a reunion between head teachers and submitted to vote. I had a very bad relation with the staff (to the point I threatened a few with physical violence), and was out of luck. I used this incantation focusing only on how I am out of uni and working as what my career should allow me.

To my surprise, I get a call from a head teacher and she tells me I have been granted this, and that I am now officially licensed.

Seriously, it was good. I sometimes wonder if I should tattoo it on some accessible place on me.

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Please let me know if it works. Galdrabok is a nice book with many staves and incantations imported from many cultures (Hell, they even have a SATOR-ROTAS square in runes!). I’ve used the protection staves and bindrunes on something as simple as paper, and they work.