"Summoning Of All Magickal Powers" Incantation Art

I made this in Photoshop today coz my handwriting sucks and i wanted a nice printed version to slip in my notebook:

There’s a larger file size here, a black and white version here, and the background is from Deviantart, and was flagged as free for use & modification by the creator.

Bit of a mad one but I spent a while on it, and it seems a waste not to share, hope this isn’t too OT for magickz! :slight_smile:

This is wonderful…
Thank you

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Anyone used it? If so, any feelings pop up?

I’d do it myself but there’s a complication at home base (I can’t exactly start speaking in another language in front of 15 people) and would like to know effects.



[quote=“Sevarn304, post:4, topic:3029”]Anyone used it? If so, any feelings pop up?

I’d do it myself but there’s a complication at home base (I can’t exactly start speaking in another language in front of 15 people) and would like to know effects.



I have used this and can vouch for the potency of it. My last evocation of Belial was fueled by it. I switched to the other one during the conjuation phase.

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Interesting. What did it feel like to use it? Any physiological effects, or anything in general that would stand out?

I felt lighter than when just calling a spirit by name and speaking from the heart. Not sure how many repetitions I did as my “monkey mind” fell asleep.

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That sounds fun.

Filing this away for later use.

I really like it, I don’t normally use other people’s stuff but this and the reverse afrin from the Azi Dahaka vid, which is from Ford’s book Gates Of Dozak, are two I really like. I’m going to use this one more in the next few weeks and that’s why I made the jpg.

Sev, this one’s supposed to be whispered so that might help. The vid about it’s here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdtH5bANEJc

Or, can’t you record them as MP3s or something and then play them on earphones? I bought a £12 MP3 voice recorder that doubles as a flash stick, it’s excellent for stuff like this and recording events when I’m AP-ing etc.

There are free programs that can add effects, and VLC media player allows you to trim the files, it’s not the same but it’s not bad either.

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I often use this for mantra meditation. It’s pretty amazing. I often do sets of 9 and it feels like your energy “condenses” when you finish. I don’t really know how to explain it. but my sense of touch/kinesthetic feedback is the most active of all my senses due to robert bruce’s NEW system. It’s great for entering deeper into trance for longer repetitions.

Thank you! So far this is the only incantation giving me trouble…I can usually have them memorized in a day or two, but this one is still having me stumble over the words even after practicing it for a week. I think im gonna tape this on the wall above my altar :slight_smile:

Reporting back…definitely seconding orsimens “lighter” feeling…I felt like a fuckin balloon…a balloon of POWER! It also gave me a very odd vision of my body’s skin being peeled back to reveal another person, then that person’s skin being peeled back, repeating this pattern until a being of light was all that was left. It was a little discomforting to watch, because the peeling wasnt like that of an onion…it was very bloody, graphic and rather horrifying.


Wow - that sounds a lot like the “ritual dismemberments” that happen on shamanic paths, they’re sought out in core shamanism as initiatory experiences (continuing initiation, not a “one go and you’re passed” thing, and not something for beginners only) and they stem from all kinds of indigenous shamanistic practices, including some that don’t involve knowingly entering trance. They’re known for being very graphic and even upsetting, and not at all like a gentle shedding of energy.

So that’s awesome!

Dear Lady Eva, could you please tell me how to you this incantation please. Can you use this at the begining of an evocation or before you call on a demons presence. Does it work with Djinns?

I was using it to get into the right state of mind before asking Belial and Azazel some very specific questions, which was a free-form evocation (no circle, just low light and my agate evocation base) but the best descriptor is EA’s in the vid about it, because he was the one who was given this and the instructions for using it - it’s only 7 mins long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdtH5bANEJc

If you can’t watch that, the newsletter for it is here: http://www.becomealivinggod.com/newsletter/4-incantations-to-conjure-limitless-power.php

I dont know if it works with djinns because I’ve never tried to use it for that.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience Lady Eva it means a lot to us mages by the way i sent you a PM.

i use this mantra daily and got damn its potent to say the least.


well i can say that when i do i feel grounded somehow and my body temp goes up and i go into something like happy hour.

Queasy, could I ask where that inverted pentagram comes from with the incantation of power around the edge ~ The one in your link above

i made it in photoshop.