Summoning marbas [transfer my illness to another person]

May i ask you guys if someone has befriend with marbas i want to harm someone by inflicting him with a disease can you help me

I don’t suggest to ask him for that kind of stuff,President Marbas is one of the best healers,its much better find a spirit for baneful magic,Pazuzu is good for serious curse or maybe some of Qliphotic spirits.I don’t suggest to work with Marbas on that matter.


I just want to transfer my illness to a person

This is two separate things - healing yourself is one thing.
Taking the energy of the sickness and imbuing another with it is a second.

Try Nergal and Raphale for information and techniques.
Learn energy working. With energy working you can breathe the energy of the sickness to another.
However, they will also be able to heal. So if you don’t give enough often enough it will have little effect.

Call Raphael for personal healing as well.

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Use puppets with adn of that target person

thaks for the advice

Hwhats the best thing to do